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Current Flood Projects

Large Diameter Gravity Sewer Rehabilitation Project II-2 Construction Notice 12/5/17 and a Map

Large Diameter Gravity Sewer Rehabilitation Project II-2 Drop In Question & Answer Session

Sir Francis Drake Blvd Night Paving on May 15, 2017 Letter to Owners/Residents

PG&E work on Sais 2017

PG&E gas main upgrade on Sais Avenue

Large Diameter Gravity Sewer Rehabilitation Project II-2 : DOWNTOWN SAN ANSELMO

Notice to Residents
Project Information

RVSD Pipe Lining 12/7/17 through 12/8/17

Pipe lining work on Humboldt 12/7/17 and 12/8/17. The lining work does not damage the pavement. The contractor and project manager have asserted that there will be a maximum 5 minute delay for traffic on Humboldt between Forrest Ave and Foothill Ave. 

Crack Seal Project on 11/13/17 (rescheduled for December 1, 2017)

Map of the Dec 1 Crack Sealing
The Town has contracted Graham Contractors Inc (GCI) to perform crack sealing on various streets in San Anselmo. Crack sealing can help extend the life of a roadway, reduce pavement failures, and slow down deterioration. This form of preventative maintenance saves money by delaying major reconstructive pavement work. 

Impacts to residents and motorists are minimal with crack seal maintenance, which is generally a fast- moving process. Streets are not closed during the work, however drivers may be asked to wait a few (less than 5) minutes for a sealant to cure before being allowed to drive over it. This helps keep vehicles free of the sealant material and allows the material applied to the roadway to create a stronger longer-lasting seal.

Some noise is associated with the initial step to prepare the cracks when a high pressure compressor is used; however this is usually only for short periods of time. The duration of noise is dependent on how many cracks are in need of maintenance on a given roadway. 

Lansdale Avenue Traffic Calming Project Construction Postponed

The asphalt stamping and painting of five intersections on Lansdale Avenue in Fairfax and San Anselmo scheduled for November 7-11 has been postponed until warmer temperatures next Spring. We apologize for the delay, and will schedule the work as soon as the weather is conducive.

Gravel Sweeping
There will be no parking signs going up around town for a system wide gravel sweep. Since our slurried streets are rarely empty enough to properly sweep the parking lanes, we have decided that temporary no parking zones must be established to get a good clean sweep. 

The streets and associated dates are shown on the map below:
Temporary No-parking Zones for Gravel Sweeping: Map

Bolinas Avenue/Sir Francis Drake Improvement Project

The Towns of Ross and San Anselmo are pleased to announce an upcoming federally-funded project to widen the sidewalk on Bolinas Avenue between Shady Lane and Sir Francis Drake Boulevard, and to enhance the bus stops on Sir Francis Drake Boulevard at Bolinas Avenue.

The project consists of installing 10 new curb ramps, widening sidewalks, traffic signal improvements, and paving Sir Francis Drake Boulevard from 225 feet south of Winship Avenue to 230 feet north of the Bolinas Avenue intersection, as well as the Bolinas Avenue/San Anselmo Avenue intersection.

The concrete work will take about four weeks starting September 6. The work will take place during normal work hours (8 am to 5 pm weekdays), with work that requires traffic control limited to 9 am to 3 pm. The final paving work is tentatively scheduled for the week of October 3. The exact dates and times of paving work will be advertised a couple of weeks in advance.

The contractor will provide a pedestrian path-of-travel through the work site during construction. The bus stops will be temporarily relocated a short distance way. Marin Transit will post information about the relocated stops in advance of the work.

The Towns would like to thank you for your patience while we undertake this important project.

If you have any questions, please contact the project manager Scott Schneider, at 415-258-4653, or

San Francisco Blvd and Veterans Place Gas line Replacement