Answers to the most frequently asked questions

(as answered by Camp Kinder-Kool Director, Jan Bishop)

1) Where should I register my child if I’m applying for an intra-district transfer?

We recommend you contact Marci Trahan, Assistant Superintendent for the Ross Valley School District at mtrahan@rossvalleyschools.org. 

2) Should I register for camp right away – or will I be guaranteed a spot in the session I want if my child is going to school in the Fall?

This program fills up quickly and spaces are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Our goal at Camp Kinder-Kool is to make this camp available for every child in the district. However, to offer a financially competitive camp, we need to have 15 children in each camp classroom to be able to meet all our expenses. This means we build camp classes as we go, so don't be surprised or worried if your child's name goes on a waiting list. Being # 10 on the waiting list means you only have to wait for 5 more campers to sign up before a new camp class is formed and added to a site. We do everything in our power to avoid turning kids away - including allowing kids to enroll on campuses where there is space available.

3) Will my child get the same teacher as they had in Camp Kinder Kool?

The shortest answer to this question is "maybe". There are no guarantees that camp sessions are taught by RVSD teachers and changes in district staffing and classroom locations may be made over the summer.  The primary purpose of Camp Kinder-Kool is to ease your child's transition into kindergarten, not to select a specific teacher for each student. If there are two kindergarten classes on your campus, then your child has a 50/50 chance of getting their camp teacher in the Fall.

4) Why didn't my child have a kindergarten teacher for Camp Kinder-Kool?

The vast majority of the teachers at Camp Kinder-Kool are kindergarten teachers or have taught kindergarten and/or Camp Kinder-Kool in the past. In addition, your child will rotate through all the K classrooms several times a week, and will be able to meet all the teachers in our program.

5) Will I receive any written feedback about how my child did at camp?

While there are families who use our camp as a final readiness evaluation, THE MAIN PURPOSE OF THE CAMP IS TO EASE THE TRANSITION FROM PRE-SCHOOL INTO KINDERGARTEN, TO ESTABLISH FRIENDSHIPS AND TO INTRODUCE CHILDREN TO AN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CAMPUS. Documenting how each student did each day is beyond the scope of this camp.