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525 San Anselmo Avenue
San Anselmo, CA 94960
Ph: (415) 258-4600
Fx: (415) 459-2477
Current Projects


Natural Gas Distribution Line Replacement

Hub Night Work - click here 

PG & E -  Notice of Gas Line Replacement at Hub - March 16 - April 17 2015

Thank you for your patience and considerations during periods of road sealings. Please do your best to protect the road surface while it cures.  The slurry seal can be damaged by sharp turning during the curing phase.  This damage can be avoided  by making wide turns and always making sure the vehicle is moving before turning the steering wheel.  If the road is not a dead end road please choose to drive straight through instead of performing a u-turn.  Click here to view "Slurry Seal Do's and Don'ts".

2014 Slurry Seal - Project "B" 
The Town has contracted Ghilotti Construction with Bond Blacktop to perform the slurry seal project. Slurry sealing is an aggregate and emulsion coating applied to roads in good condition to prolong their life.  The contractor is planning to preform the slurry seal on October 10th and October 14, 2014.  Please note these dates and times are subject to change.  The contractor will notify residents by posting a door hanger at effected properties.
streets tentatively scheduled for this work are:
Broadmoor Ave 
Brookmont Circle 
 The Alameda (Holstein to 241 The Alameda)
For street slurry schedule date and time click here 
To help us achieve a successful sealing click here

Thank you for your patience while we coordinate the work.

The slurry seal will help protect the asphalt from ultra violet and rain infiltration which cause further cracking and deterioration. These streets have already received rubberized crack seal treatment for major cracks. Several of these streets have localized areas of pavement failure. In July, contractor crews will be removing and replacing these localized areas in preparation of the slurry seal.

2014 Slurry Seal - Project "A"   (click here for more information)  
Our Pavement Rehabilitation project for 2014 performs asset protection in the form of preventive maintenance such as a slurry seal. It is less expensive to prolong the life of good asphalt with maintenance, then to wait until it deteriorates so far that it needs full replacement. Preventative maintenance is a cost effective way to extend the life of the pavement saving both cost and environmental impact.

SLURRY SCHEDULE FOR GROUP A - by street & date 

The streets 
scheduled for this work are: 

                     GROUP A  
Center Blvd (between San Rafael and Forest) Woodland Avenue  (between Cedar and San Anselmo Ave)
Ross Avenue  (between Cedar and San Anselmo Ave)
Tunstead Avenue
Sequoia  (between Millbrae and Hilldale)
Jones Street
Richmond (Bolinas to Mariposa)
Miwok Drive
Nokomis Avenue 
section of Center Blvd will be closed from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Wednesday, August 13, 2014 for road sealing. Center Blvd will be closed at Center Blvd. & San Anselmo Ave. (Lansdale Station area) thru to Center Blvd & Sycamore Ave.  Intersections at both ends of the road closure will be open to detour traffic to Sir Francis Drake Blvd and San Anselmo Ave (local traffic only).  Property owners with sprinkler/irrigation systems adjacent to Center Blvd should turn off their irrigation system so water does not overflow onto the newly surfaced road.  The contractor will deliver more information to homes and businesses that are within the project limits.

2014 Street Rehabilitation Project (click here for more information)

The Town is designing for the 2014 Street Rehabilitation project. The project scope includes repaving the following streets:  The Alameda from Arroyo to the Town Limits, Sunview Avenue, Toyon Terrace, Berkeley Avenue from Sunview to Broadmoor, and Oak Knoll Avenue. 

Road Resurfacing Schedule
Sunview Ave
Toyon Terrace
Berkeley Ave (Sunview to Broadmoor)
Oak Knoll Ave

Project documents
Bid Results 
Addendum 1 Part A 
Addendum 1 Part B 
Bid Holders List  
Notice to Bidders
Projects Pending Award Magnolia Avenue - Estimated paving date: October 1, 2014

    2014 LED Street Light Retrofit Project  

    There are 411 high pressure sodium (HPS) street lights throughout the Town of San Anselmo.   The 2014 LED Street Light Retrofit project  will convert these street lights to energy efficient Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights that will greatly reduce the Town’s energy consumption while at the same time maintaining existing light levels.  The proposed project is in accordance with the Town’s Climate Action Change Plan and will reduce Green House Gas Emissions by approximately 140,000 lbs CO2 per year, removing the equivalent of 12 cars off the road per year.  

    Conversion of the street lights to LED by the Town’s contractor DC Electric, Inc. will begin the week of June 30, 2014.  The work is expected to take 3 weeks to complete during which time there will be construction traffic controls, lane closures and parking restrictions at various locations around Town between the hours of 8:30am and 5:00pm.  Conversion of lights on Sir Francis Drake Boulevard and Red Hill Avenue maybe completed at night to avoid traffic interruptions.  A map of the existing street lights to be converted is available at:

    Please contact the Town’s Project Manager by phone at (415) 258-4654 or by email at  if you have any questions.

    2014 Capital Improvement Project Updates

    2014 Utility Projects

    MMWD - Replacement of Watermain  
    Greenfield Ave between Spring Grove and Sequoia 
    Bridge Ave 
    Sunview Ave  

    RVSD - Replacement and/or repair of Sewer System
            FY 2014 Gravity Sewer Rehab Project Public Notification    
    Sir Francis Drake Blvd (Pastori Ave to Kent Ave) 
    Monterey Terrace
    East Court to Fairview Court (easement) 
    Scenic Ave 
    Crescent Rd 
    Roger Ave 
    Greenfield Ave (Greenfield Court to Terrace Ave) 

    PG&E - Natural Gas Distribution Line Replacement
    Oak Knoll Ave
    Floribel (No.40 to No.101)
    Berkeley(Sunview to Broadmoor)
    Berkeley Ave and Sunview Ave - PG&E Community Notice 
    Oak Knoll Rd - PG&E Community Notice 

    PG&E - Utility Pole Replacement
    PG&E and its contractor, PAR Electric, will be starting work in March 2014 at various locations; The work will include replacement of several utility poles and service conductors. The locations and dates of work are as follows:
    Location Street    Date
       6 604 San Anselmo Ave 3/17/2014
       5 114 Sycamore Ave 3/18/2014
       8 36 Ross Ave 3/19/2014
       4 118 Sycamore Ave 3/19/2014
       8 36 Ross Ave 3/20/2014
       1.3 126 & 13 Sycamore Ave 3/20/2014
       7 12 Tamalpais Ave 3/21/2014 

    PG&E - Pressure Test 
    Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is performing a hydrostatic pressure test on our natural gas pipeline. This is part of a system-wide program to ensure the safety of the transmission pipelines that deliver gas across the region. PGE will be testing at locations on westbound Red Hill Avenue, and westbound Center Street in San Anselmo (near the HUB). Work will begin at the end of May and last until mid-August, although weather and other factors affecting safe working conditions could change the schedule.
    What to expect:
    This test involves excavating around parts of the existing underground pipeline, filling the pipeline with water, and increasing the pressure to a level that is much higher than the pipeline’s normal operating pressure with natural gas. The test will confirm the pipeline’s safe operating pressure and reveal any potential weaknesses. If the pipe does not meet acceptable standards, it will be repaired or replaced with new pipe. During this test, you will see PG&E and contractor trucks, water tanks, and heavy equipment. Your gas service will continue without interruption in most cases. If that changes, a PG&E representative will contact you. At times, you may smell gas and hear a loud, steady noise as we vent natural gas from the pipeline using safe and common techniques. Although this is normal when crews are working, we encourage anyone who has concerns about he smell of gas to call us 24 hours a day at 1-800-743-5000. PG&E will clearly mark all work areas, and traffic flaggers will help to direct traffic. Please plan for minor delays when driving through this area. If you have any questions or concerns about this project, please call your PGE Customer Care Representative Aaron Murphy at 707-577-1062.  

    FACT SHEET click here Pacific Gas and Electric Company is performing a hydrostatic pressure test on their natural gas pipeline.

    Please remember as you are working in your yard, no project is too small to call 811.