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San Anselmo, CA 94960
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Noise Ordinance Table
Application of the Noise Ordinance
This summary table is provided to help you understand how the ordinance is applied. It does not cover all aspects of the Loud Noise Ordinance but is meant to give you a general guideline. The sound level limits and/or the time allowed for specific noises can have corrections applied to them depending on specific conditions which are laid out in detail in the Ordinance. The Loud Noise Ordinance specifically exempts emergency work.

 Type of Noise:  Location Zoned As:  Time Occurring:  Maximum Sound 
  Level - dBA
 General  Single or Two Family 
 Residential (R1 or R2)
 10pm - 7am  45
 General                "  7pm - 10pm  50
 General                "  7am - 7pm  55
 General  Multi-family District (R3)  10pm - 7am  50
 General  Multi-family District (R3)  7am - 10pm  55
 General  Commercial (C1, 2, or 3) 10pm - 7am  55
 General  Commercial (C1, 2, or 3)  7am - 10pm  60
 Construction / Demolition      
 Construction / Demolition  All  M - F, 7am - 7pm  80
 Construction / Demolition  All  Sat 9am - 5pm  80
 Construction / Demolition  All  Sun, 12pm - 5pm  80
 Leaf Blowers      
 Leaf Blowers  All  M, Th, Sat, 1pm - 4pm
 1/2 hour maximum
 Gardening Equipment/Misc.      
 Gardening Equipment  All  M - F, 7am - 9pm  N/A
 Gardening Equipment  All  Sat, 9am - 9pm  N/A
 Gardening Equipment  All  Sun, 9am - 10pm  N/A

You should go to the Town’s on-line municipal codes for more specific information: Noise Ordinance SAMC 4-7.