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Guidelines for Library Use

Guidelines for Library Use

Welcome to your public library! The San Anselmo Public Library seeks to provide its users with a safe and pleasant library experience in an atmosphere conducive to study, reading, and appropriate use of materials and services. The San Anselmo Public Library's Guidelines for Library Use have a threefold purpose:

  1. Protect the rights and safety of Library users
  2. Protect the rights and safety of Library staff members
  3. Preserve and protect the Library's materials, facilities and property

To enjoy Library materials and services fully, the following are encouraged:

  • Read, listen, and view to your heart’s content
  • Study and learn
  • Ask Library staff for help
  • Use the Library’s physical and digital collections
  • Participate in Library programs

To ensure that all persons can enjoy the benefits of the Library, individuals visiting or using the Library’s facilities or services are prohibited from engaging in the following behaviors:

  • Disruptive or unsafe behavior, including any conduct that interferes with others’ use of the Library or with the functioning of Library staff or volunteers
  • Use of loud, abusive, threatening, harassing, insulting or profane language, or noises that interfere with others’ use of the Library or with the functioning of Library staff or volunteers 
  • Use of the Library while under the influence of alcohol or non-prescribed drugs
  • Bringing weapons of any kind onto Library property (except by law enforcement officers)
  • Sleeping in the Library
  • Disturbing others because of offensive body odor
  • Bringing any animal into the Library except service animals and those for Library programs
  • Leaving any animal on the Library front steps or tying any animal on the steps’ handrails except service animals and those for Library programs
  • Eating, except as approved for specific events
  • Fraudulent use of another’s Library card and/or account for any purpose
  • Leaving children under the age of nine unattended on Library property
  • Behaving in any other manner prohibited by federal, state, or local law

Violating the Guidelines for Library Use or other posted Library regulations (e.g., computer use rules) may result in removal from the facility and/or suspension of Library privileges. In addition, where authorized by federal, state, or local law, violations of these Guidelines may also result in arrest and prosecution.

Library staff will attempt to educate or warn individuals about these Guidelines before taking further action. If an individual violates these policies, staff may order him/her to leave for the day. However, any conduct that threatens the life or safety of any person or that is damaging to Library property, equipment or facilities may result in immediate expulsion from the Library premises. Library staff is authorized to contact the San Anselmo Police Department to respond to such situations. Repeat misconduct or severe offenses (even if a single isolated event) may result in individuals being banned from the Library for extended periods of time.

If a person is suspended and believes the suspension has been imposed unfairly or in error, he or she may appeal the suspension by submitting a written appeal letter to the Town Manager. The appeal letter shall state the name, mailing and/or email address, and telephone number of the appellant and the reason for the appeal.  Upon receipt of the appeal, the Town Manager shall request a report on the suspension from the Town Librarian.  The Town Manager may, but shall not be required to, schedule a meeting with the appellant. The Town Manager shall issue a written decision on the appeal within 30 calendar days after the filing of the appeal. 

Library users who wish to request a reasonable accommodation of these guidelines because of a disability or health problem may contact Library staff at (415) 258-4656.

Guidelines for Library Use. Approved by Library Advisory Board, November 2012.