Proposed Code and Plan Revisions

Other Planning Department Projects

1. Design Review Ordinance 

2. Objective Design Standards for Multifamily Development

3. Update of Density Bonus Ordinance

4. Inclusionary Housing and Commercial Linkage Fee Ordinance

Inclusionary Program and In-Lieu Fee Study

The Inclusionary Study draws on a thorough review of current inclusionary housing policies as well as best practices. The study provides detailed analysis quantifying the affordability gap to support updated in-lieu fee calculations. The recommendations include key policy considerations for affordable housing inclusionary requirements and an associated in-lieu fee that would apply to new multi-unit developments in the Town of San Anselmo. 

Commercial Linkage Fee Study

The Commercial Linkage Fee Study quantifies the increase in demand for affordable housing that accompanies jobs created by non-residential development. The study draws on analysis of the gap between what households can afford to pay for housing and the cost of developing new housing units. The resulting recommendation is an updated Commercial Linkage Fee that would apply to all new non-residential development in the Town of San Anselmo.