R-1 Single Family Residential Below 150 Mean Sea Level

See Municipal Code for all zoning regulations.

Development Standard    
Floor Area Ratio Lot Size (in square feet) Sliding Scale 35% to 45%
  up to 4,000 45%
  4,250 42%
  4,500 to 7,000 40%
  7,250 39%
  7,500 38%
  7,750 37%
  8,000 36%
  8,250 or larger 35%, up to 5,000 sq. ft.
Lot Coverage   35%
Height Average Slope At Footprint  
  Less than 25% 30 feet
  25% or greater 35 feet
Stories Average Slope at Footprint  
  Less than 25% 2
  25% or greater 3
Setbacks (Minimum)    
  Front 20 feet
  Rear 20 feet
  Side, interior  8 feet
  Street Side 12 feet

Lot coverage includes the land area covered by all buildings and improvements excluding roof eaves which project less than 2 feet from the face of a building and structures and improvements less than 3 feet above grade.

Floor Area Ratio (FAR) means the ratio between the floor area of a building or buildings located on a lot and the area of the lot in square feet.

Floor area for flatland (below 150 Mean Sea Level) lots includes:

  • Sum of the gross horizontal areas of all floors measured from the exterior framing of the outside walls
  • Basements
  • Attics with floors
  • Accessory Dwelling Units
  • Accessory Buildings
  • Interior spaces with ceilings of more than 15 feet in height are counted twice

 Floor area does not include the following:

  • The first 400 square feet of Garage Floor Area
  • Unenclosed Horizontal Surfaces
  • Unenclosed Balconies
  • Unenclosed Decks
  • Unenclosed Porches
  • Crawl Spaces with Dirt Floors
  • Attics with no Floor

Attic means an open space at the top of a dwelling situated wholly or partly within the roof.

Basement means an enclosed space, finished or unfinished, partly or wholly below natural grade, having more than one-half (1/2) its height, as measured from its floor, whether finished or unfinished, to its ceiling, whether finished or unfinished, below the adjoining natural grade.

Crawl Space means a shallow, unfinished space, located below the living quarters of a basement-less house and enclosed by the foundation walls, where it is not possible for an adult to stand.

Unenclosed means a space with or without a permanent roof that is not enclosed by walls, windows or doors on at least two sides. Insect screening does not constitute enclosure.