Business Licenses

Please visit: 
for more information or to apply for a business license online.  

In 2022 the Town began contracting with the HdL Companies to provide assistance to our business community for all of their business license tax needs. The HdL Support Center provides the Town's business community with support for all aspects including:

  • Applications
  • Payments
  • Certificate Issuance
  • General support for your business needs

The Town no longer provides this support or receives payments at Town Hall.  Please contact HdL directly if you have questions:
Phone: 415/472-9430 (Monday-Friday 8am-5pm PST) or
Mail:  Town of San Anselmo, Business Support Center, 8839 N Cedar Avenue #212, Fresno, CA  93720

Note: San Anselmo Business License Taxes are due each year on April 15th.

Business Licenses are issued in accordance with Title 6, Chapter 1 of the San Anselmo Municipal Code.
Businesses located in the commercial district as well as home-based businesses/occupations need to fill out a "Use Proposal" application for the Planning Department who will determine whether a Use Permit, Parking Variance or Design Review is needed.
San Anselmo permits home-based occupations only if they meet Town regulations designed to ensure that these business do not adversely impact other residents or property in the neighborhood.
Disability Access Laws for Businesses
Regulations for New Businesses

When are Business Licenses Due?

The Town of San Anselmo business licenses are issued on the calendar year cycle: January 1 – December 31. 

Although the license is issued on a calendar year, San Anselmo has a long-standing practice of having a grace period for receiving payments that extends to April 15th of the license year. There have been no changes to that due date.

Every year, usually in November, an email notification is sent by the Town’s contractor, HdL Gov. It is meant to be an alert and reminder to the upcoming renewals.