The Alameda Improvement Project 

Project Information

The project involves drainage and roadway improvements on The Alameda (from east of Arroyo Avenue to east of Berkeley Ave). This segment of road is non-town-maintained right of way that is in poor condition.



Please note that this work was necessary during the school year due to conflicting major safety projects planned for the summer months

Maggiora & Ghilotti has begun construction

Construction is expected to continue until June 22nd  

The Alameda (from Arroyo Avenue to Berkeley Avenue) will be closed during the following:
alameda schedule


The Alameda EARLY Road Closure Notice the Week of 5/29/18


Please note that this work was necessary during the school year due to conflicting major safety projects planned for the summer months

Maggiora & Ghilotti has begun construction, and construction is expected to continue until June 23rd

The Alameda (from Arroyo Avenue to Berkeley Avenue) will be closed Monday through Friday:

May 2nd – May 11th *

9:00 AM – 5:30 PM

*Additional closures will be necessary, and signs will be updated as necessary.

Contractors notice to residents within the closure.


Notice is hereby given that sealed proposals will be received by the Town of San Anselmo, Department of Public Works, 525 San Anselmo Avenue, San Anselmo, California 94960, until 1:00 p.m., April 2, 2018, at which time they will be publicly opened and read for: The Alameda Improvement Project.

Notice to Bidders

Project Plans (not for submittal)

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Bid Book (not for submittal)

Addendum 1 - 3/22/18

Plan Holders List

Bid Results:

Apparent Low Bidder: Maggiora & Ghilotti

Apparent Low Bid: $367,367

Listed Subcontractors:    Telfer

Delta Grinding

Striping Graphics

RR Maher

Project Details 


The full length of The Alameda was offered for public dedication in 1912 but was rejected because the improvements did not meet city standards. Subsequently a segment of The Alameda (from Arroyo to a point approximately 225 feet beyond Holstein Road) was improved to meet the city standards and said road section was accepted in 1952: improvements were paid for by the abutting property owners through an assessment district. The remaining segments of The Alameda were not improved and accepted at that time because not all the property owners abutting those segments were willing to bear their burden of the cost at the time. Since then some acceptance-necessary improvements have been made through a grant project at no cost to the residents: Recently, the Safe Routes to School project added curb, gutter and sidewalk along one side of the segment. Thus the remaining requirements at this time are: curb and gutter along the north side of the road, drainage improvements, a 20’ wide roadway (17’ of paved surface plus gutter pan), and an adequate pavement thickness. Staff has recommended that, if these remaining improvements are done, Council accept the original offer of dedication for this section of street and effectively remove the pavement maintenance obligation from the property owners.


Streets that are designated “non-maintained” are streets that have never been accepted by the Town. Under state law, private property owners living along roads that have not been accepted by the Town have an obligation to maintain and repair these rights-of-way. (Cal. Civ. Code § 845). The owners can allocate the cost of repair with an agreement or, "in the absence of an agreement, the cost shall be shared proportionately. Thus, the responsibility to repair and maintain non-maintained streets falls to the property owners abutting the street, not to the Town. If the property owners do not adequately maintain these streets, the Town may demand that the work be done. (San Anselmo Municipal Code §§ 7-4.04, 7-4.05; Cal. Civ Code § 3479, see also Cal. Penal Code §370).


Although many developers chose not to meet Town standards when offering roads for dedication, the Town Council has adopted a resolution to contribute up to 25% towards paving of non-maintained streets and 50% towards non-maintained drainage. Furthermore, Ross Valley Sanitary District (RVSD)and Marin Municipal Water District are performing necessary system replacements on Butterfield over the next three summers. To safely and efficiently complete the work, northbound traffic will need to be detoured via The Alameda. To ensure that there is enough room for counter flow emergency response during the detour, the Town requires that RVSD and MMWD widen the road by approximately two feet. Both have offered to, instead, contribute the value of the widening towards reconstructing and paving of the entire street. Other funding requests are still being reviewed, and the property owners are all contributing to the remaining balance.


The RVSD work on Butterfield needs to be accomplished this summer. Therefore, construction needs to be complete this spring.