Green Building Resources


The Town of San Anselmo Green Building regulations for residential and commercial new construction and remodels became effective on January 1, 2011. Residential projects are based on the Build It Green GreenPoints® system and large commercial projects are based the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)® system.

Does my project need to comply?

Refer to the Green Building Standards Tables to determine if the Green Building regulations apply to your project. The tables lists the requirements based on the projects size (i.e. valuation or size). These tables also list who is required to verify the project (town staff, a licensed architect, a licensed engineer or a green building professional).

Green Building Standards Tables for New Construction and Remodels

Green Point Checklists and LEED Checklists

The most recent versions of the GreenPoint Rated Checklists (updated for CALGreen Res)

Where can I find a Green Point Rater or Home Energy Auditor?

Build It Green maintains a list of GreenPoint Raters, Home Energy Auditors and other professionals that are certified by Build It Green here.

2011 List of Green Building Consultants

About Green Building Requirements for New Construction and Remodels

 The Town has adopted Green Building requirements to reduce our use of energy, water and natural resources and improve San Anselmo citizens’ well being through improved indoor air quality, increased durability and greater comfort. Green building is the practice of taking an integrated approach to building construction, building systems, and building sites to provide more environmentally responsive, healthy, productive, economical places to live work and play. Green building techniques, which often reduce construction waste and costs, combined with new, higher efficiency materials and appliances, result in buildings which are less impactful on the environment and which save considerable energy and water costs throughout their useful life.

Green Building Ordinance, San Anselmo Municipal Code Chapter 19-19.010

Green Building Resolution # 3925


Landscape projects within the Town of San Anselmo must comply with the Marin Municipal Water District (MMWD) Water Conserving Landscape requirements.

Certification form to be submitted with all Town permit applications

Marin Municipal Water District Water Efficient Landscape Requirements

New Marin Municipal Water District Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance

In California, about half of the urban water is used for landscape irrigation. The State has recognized that substantial water savings can be gained by proper landscape design, installation and maintenance and has directed each local government to adopt water efficient landscape ordinances. The Town of San Anselmo is within the jurisdiction of the Marin Municipal Water District (MMWD). MMWD has adopted landscape water conservation requirements that Town residents must comply with for water service through the District.