Fair Housing

Discrimination in housing is against the law and no person shall be discriminated against in the sale, rental or advertising of residential dwellings, in the provision of brokerage and lending services, or in the availability of any residential real estate transaction based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status and national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, ancestry, source of income, disability, medical condition or age.

The Director of Planning is the designated Equal Opportunity Coordinator in San Anselmo with responsibility to investigate and deal appropriately with complaints. Discrimination complaints will be referred to the Fair Housing Advocates of Northern California, the Marin Housing Authority, HUD, or the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, as appropriate.

Fair Housing Advocates of Northern California (FHANC) provides free housing discrimination counseling services, intervention and complaint investigation to clients of all protected classes, including immigrants, people with disabilities, seniors, families with children, and other clients protected under fair housing law. Services include fair housing training for housing providers, tenants, and staff of social service agencies. FHANC sponsors a variety of programs to educate the community at large about fair housing issues. FHANC also offers information to housing providers about affirmative marketing. For information, call (415) 457-5025 or email Caroline Peattie.

Marin Housing Authority (MHA) provides decent, safe and sanitary housing for low and moderate income people. MHA administers the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program, owns and manages Housing units, the Supportive Housing Department, and the Below Market Rate Home Ownership program (BMR).

Legal Aid of Marin provides high quality legal representation and advocacy, information, referral, advice, community education, and other assistance to low-income and senior residents of Marin County. In particular, Legal Aid of Marin seeks to assist Marin County’s most vulnerable residents, particularly with problems related to housing, employment, child dependency, domestic violence prevention, and debtor rights.

Mediation Services offers the public an alternative to court as a way of resolving disputes in a variety of areas. Professionally trained and experienced Mediators help to facilitate resolutions for parties in conflict.

Reasonable Accommodation

San Anselmo provides individuals with disabilities reasonable accommodation in rules, practices and procedures to ensure equal access to housing, and to facilitate the development of housing for individuals with disabilities Ordinance 1100 

Application for Accommodation For People With Disabilities

Requests for reasonable accommodation shall be submitted by a letter or email to the Planning Department and shall contain all of the following information:                            

  1. Applicant’s name, address and telephone number.                    
  2. The address of the property for which the request is being made.                            
  3. The property owner’s name and contact information, if different from applicant.                            
  4. The current actual use of the property.                            
  5. The basis for the claim that the individual is considered disabled under the Acts.                            
  6. The zoning code provision, regulation or policy that is the subject of the applicant’s requested reasonable accommodation, and a narrative and graphic (where applicable) description of the specific accommodation requested.
  7. The reasons why reasonable accommodation is necessary to make the specific property accessible to the individual. Review with other land use applications. 

If the project requires one or more discretionary approvals (including, but not limited to, conditional use permit, site plan and architectural review, encroachment permit, etc.), then the applicant shall file the information above at the same time the applicant submits the application(s) requiring discretionary approvals. 

Appeal of Denial of Fair Housing Accommodation form