AC Units, Condensers and Generators Handout with permit application requirements for AC Units and Generators. Review this information before applying for your mechanical permit.
Access Compliance Statement Form Required to be submitted for all nonresidential alternations or additions to existing buildings.
Accessory Dwelling Units This document provides information on the requirements for an ADU permit in San Anselmo. This contains a summary of the Town ADU regulations and not a substitute for the specific regulations available in San Anselmo Municipal Code 10.6.101.
Acknowledgment of Undergrounding Utility Acknowledge that the cumulative work at your property triggers the Town’s requirement to underground utilities This signed and completed form shallbe returned to the Building Department prior to permit issuance
ADA Compliance Info The Town is required to enforce the state ADA requirements.
Alternatives to Gas-Powered Generators Information on alternatives to gas-powered generators.     
Bald Hill Construction Hours This form is to be posted next to the building permi for all jobs in the Bald Hill area.
Block Party Application Fillable application email to: at least 21 days prior to date of event.
Building Permit Process Review this document to understand the overall permit application process, and what your
requirements and responsibilities are in the process.
Construction Management Plan Requirements An example of what needs to be included in the construction management plan. 
Climate & Geographic
Design Criteria
Design Parameters for climate and geographic conditions.
Construction and Demolition form (C&D) This form is required for all permits involving disposal of construction or demolition materials. The back of the form shall be kept on the jobsite with the receipts from the dump and given to the Inspector at the Final inspection. 
Decibel Level Calculator This link will direct you a website where you can calculate the decibel levels at the property line. This is to ensure mechanical equipment meets the Town's noise ordinance. This must be turned in with the AC and Generator permit.
Decks, Stairs, Handrails, Guardrails, & Landings.

Town requirements for new or replacement Decks, Stairs, Guardrails, Handrail and Landings
Disability Access Requirements and Resources The document provides a list of disability access requirements and resources.
Electric Vehicle Charger Checklist A checklist to accompany an electronic submittal for an EV charger installation, intended to expedite the review process. 
Erosion Best Management Practices Oct. 15 - April 15 Requirement to Install Erosion and Sediment Control
Expedited Third-Party Service Third-Party Services may afford applicants expedited service than what can be provided by Town staff
Fence permit requirements Diagram and Guidelines for fence permit requirements in the Town of San Anselmo.
Flood Gates: Conceptual Design Flood gates on commercial properties can help to stave off unwanted floodwater. Since most doorways are unique, flood gates must be designed for the particular doorway. The conceptual design for flood gates can help your contractor.
Floodplain Development Permit Form
(Apply for permit separately on Etrakit.)
If your project located in the AE Flood Zone, and is the cumulative work on your structure, over a 5-year period, is 50% or more of the valuation of the structure, then you are required to provide an Elevation Certificate and to meet FEMA's requirements. You will need to complete the Town's checklist and apply for a separate permit through Etrakit. You only need to complete the highlighted portion of the checklist.
Gas Pipe Line Sizing Information This is required for a gas tankless water heater or new gas lines.
Governing Construction Code An Ordinance of the Town of San Anselmo amending Title 9 of the San Anselmo Municipal Code.
Green Building Resources and Forms The Town of San Anselmo Green Building regulations for residential and commercial new construction and remodels became effective on September 9, 2020. 
Grey Water Irrigation Gray Water provisions outlined here apply to the construction, installation, alternation and repair of Gray Water Systems for underground landscape irrigation in single-family dwellings. This is intended to act as a simplified version of what is described in the California Plumbing Code, Chapter 16.
Heat Pump Water Heater Individual Dwelling Units and Heat Pump Water Heaters 2022 Building Code assistant sheet

Statement of Total Project Costs Evaluation-Required for all remodel & building permits. Not owner/builder
Owner Builder Form This is required if you are the Owner-Builder for a building permit or you are the Authorized Agent applying for a permit on the Homeowner's behalf. 
Photovoltaic (PV) Permit Requirements and Checklist This form must be completed and attached to the Photovoltaic permit submittal.
Plan Submittal Checklist Complete this checklist and include it with your submittal package. It may point out additional requirements, and ensure a quicker review process.  
Qualified Green Building Professionals Requirements A qualified green building professional is required to review project plans in order certify that the Town of San Anselmo mandatory and elective CALGreen measures are incorporated into the project plans during the design phase and will be implemented into the project during construction.
Resale Inspection Application Fill out this form to schedule a town resale inspection. 
Residential Seismic Strengthening Standard Plans can be used as a guide to developing methods to brace single-family residences to resist earthquakes. Plans and an explanation of their use can be obtained on the Association of Bay Area Governments website.
Retaining Walls Information If you are constructing a retaining wall, please review this information. 
Re-valuation Form This form is used for reevaluating project cost prior to final inspection.
Roofing Guidelines 2019 Energy code guidelines for re-roofing work. 
Ross Valley School
Fees Form - Residential
This Residential impact fee form is required for all permits that are adding any additional square footage.
Ross Valley School
Fees Form - Commercial
This Commercial impact fee form is required for all permits that are adding any additional square footage.
Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Certificate of Compliance This certificate is only used when normal access to the interior of the dwelling is not achieved during the course of the project.
Special Inspections and Structural Observations Required to be checked off and included in the plan set if any Special Inspections or
Structural Observations are needed.
Stormwater & Erosion Control Provided by the Town of San Anselmo Department of Public Works For Compliance with the Town’s Urban Runoff Pollution Prevention Ordinance. The Erosion and Sediment control is needed in conjunction with a Grading permit if Grading exceeds 25 cubic yards or more. 
Tree Questionnaire Supplemental questionnaire for tree work permit. This is required to be completed and submitted with all Tree permits.
Water Conserving Plumbing Fixture Self Verification Form This form is required with every plumbing permit or any permit that has any plumbing involved.
Watercourse Permit Watercourse permit application in conjunction with the online application. 
Water Efficient Landscape Verification Form (MMWD form)  All projects that include any new or rehabilitated landscaping and require a permit, plan check or design review must comply with MMWD’s water efficient landscape requirements.
Water Heater and Furnace
Permit info
Additional conditions and requirements for a Residential Water Heater and Furnace permit 
New/Replacement Window Fenestration Guidelines Handout required for any new or replacement windows in existing homes. 
Window Design & Egress - Residential Light, Ventilation, and Emergency Escape and Rescue Opening information.
When is a Licensed Design Professional Required Per California Business & Professions Code Sections 5537 & 6737