Age Friendly San Anselmo

Age and Disability Friendly Plan for San Anselmo

San Anselmo received a California State Grant to create the first Age and Disability Friendly Plan. The Town will be a leader in the County by being among the first to address the challenges and opportunities of aging and/or living with a disability in San Anselmo.


  • Marin Aging and Disability Institute (MADI) and Age and Disability Friendly San Anselmo are leading an Advisory Committee, that includes specialists in aging and disability and many of our Town’s leaders and stakeholders, to oversee the project
  • Presenting education training sessions on ageism and able-ism for residents and staff to help us all develop a mindset to create a strategic plan that is inclusive while reviewing our own thoughts about aging and disability. We will work to expand the community's understanding of aging and disability and the services and opportunities that exist in Marin.
  • Making a community call-to-action to develop the population assessment and plan development working groups. Conduct the assessment and present results to the residents in Spring 2024
  • Creating working groups to begin developing strategic actions in specific focus areas (ex. Housing, Transportation, Community services, Emergency Preparedness, Social Connection, etc)
  • Presenting a draft of the Age and Disability Action Plan to the Town Council in Spring 2024
  • Hosting a multi-generational Town celebration to launch the Plan.
  • Sharing our learnings and process with other Marin municipalities; as a template for how other towns/cities might incorporate disability planning into their communities, changing the way we plan for all residents.
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  1. Dannielle Mauk

    Director of Community Services

San Anselmo has become the latest Marin community to be designated as Age-Friendly.

Why is this important?

Currently, 27% of Marin County's population is 60 and older, and by 2030, projections indicate at least one in three residents will be 60 or older

Mission Statement

Age friendly San Anselmo aims to shed light on the issues, wants and needs of the over age 60 San Anselmans and their families and caretakers.  We will provide a central source of information on programs, social events(play), and local and county-wide resources for older residents.  We will develop programs, processes, and opportunities for the elders of San Anselmo. 

We need your thoughts and participation!

The designation enables volunteers and older residents, during a five-year period, to evaluate the town in eight different subject areas, collate information, set goals, and implement an action plan. We will be finding creative ways to foster a community that allows young and old members to participate and thrive.

What does Age-Friendly mean?

An Age Friendly world is an international effort launched by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2006 to help states, cities, towns, and communities prepare for a rapidly aging population. The effort has since been championed by the American Association of Retired People (AARP) to help provide resources, connections, and advice to age-friendly communities within the United States.

An age friendly designation signifies a community that is designed and modified to allow people of all ages to actively participate in community activities and treats everyone with respect, regardless of their age. It is a place that promotes health and wellness amongst people of every age. It is an ever evolving program that shifts to better meet the needs of an aging population.

Who will be contacting you and who do you contact?

Dannielle Mauk, San Anselmo’s Director of Community Services, recently formed an Age-Friendly Task Force.

The task force’s immediate plans are to set up surveys and focus groups to determine specific local concerns - as well as to prepare a strategic plan and obtain input from department heads. Our discussions and efforts will focus on areas such as housing, caregiving, community engagement, volunteering, social inclusion, and combating isolation among older citizens. We encourage the older adults in San Anselmo to take a more active role in our communities and to have their voices heard. We are seeking more task force members to help us discuss Age Friendly opportunities for San Anselmo.

For more information on Age-Friendly contact Recreation Front Desk at 415-258-4640 or