Age Friendly Programs

Upcoming Fall 2019 Age Friendly Programs

Fall 2019 registration is now open!! 

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Mah Jonng Classes and Drop-Ins

Instructor: Caine Starelli

Activate the gray cells of your brain, while learning to play the “American Version” of Mah Jongg. This game was popular in the “1930’s” and it’s coming back to popularity, in the 2000’s!

Caine Starelli, will be teaching the "Official Standard Hands and Rules of the National Mah Jongg League, Inc."

You will be learning and having fun, while enjoying new friendships, as you develop the skills needed to join the growing population of players, who are loving this entertaining and challenging game.

Let’s have fun together!

Tai Chi Workshops: Balance your Life

Instructor: Patrick Johnson

We will be using Tai Chi “Wu Chi” standing, the Universal Post & the “Horse Stance” with dynamic warm-ups and simple moves to develop energy and new insights, that often follow with the alignment with THE UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES. 

Bring writing materials to record the next steps you see will lead to your goals in life. In these workshops you will learn basic Tai Chi Principles for movement in daily life as well as a foundation for the weekly classes. Intermediate students will increase the depth of their Tai Chi.

iPhone Photography

Instructor: Technology 4 Life

Your photos are important because they are preserving your memories and experiences. Despite how much we love taking them, many of us leave them sitting in cameras or on phones for years. If you have been meaning to learn more about taking and organizing your photos and if you have wanted to get them in one safe place for a long time, this is the class for you. In this two-week course you will learn all about different ways to take photos on your iPhone or iPad, preserve your photos, organize them into folders, edit them, back them up and print them. Bring your digital cameras, flash drives or whatever device your photos are saved on to class and we'll show you how to take them out, save them in one place, use software to make the process easy and fun, and start getting them in order. Don't risk losing your precious memories!

Medicare Made Clear

Instructor: Rozan Donals - AARP United Health Care Instructor

Join us to learn all about your Medicare choices. We’ll also share tools and resources to help you understand the coverage that may be right for you, including a free educational guide. Whether you’re just getting started with Medicare or simply looking to learn more, we’re here to help.

Beginning Painting Workshop

Instructor: Elizabeth Flanagan

For folks new to painting and those where it has been awhile. We will review basic techniques and examine artists for inspiration. All water-soluble paints welcome.


Instructor: Sandy Bailey

Come enjoy the sounds and music of Hawaii.

This is a beginner’s class as well as for those who have taken it before but... all are welcome to take this class. This class will take your ukulele playing to another level of chord structure, strumming, and playing songs you never thought you could.

This class is also for players who want to add to their chords, their strumming and to sing songs in groups or for themselves.

In this basic ukulele course, you will learn chords, strumming, picking and singing while you play. Sandy will teach you some basic Hawaiian songs and the standards (Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue, etc.) this class is for beginners and those who want to refresh their ukulele skills.

Mah Jonng

Tai Chi: Health and Harmony

Instructor: Patrick Johnson

Increase your energy, flexibility, strength and balance with less effort than you think. Beginners are surprised how quickly they learn and enjoy standing and walking more effectively as Patrick shows you how to use the Tai Chi principles in a fun way. 

Learn 700-year-old Tai Chi physical and concentration exercises!  Significantly enhance the practical application of your vision and goals! Patrick Johnson studied intensively with Master H.H.Lui in S.F. for 16 years, has completed 7 days of advanced training yearly for 35 years and has been teaching in Marin since 1985. 

iPad/iPhone Basics 1: Getting to know your Device

Instructor: Technology 4 Life

Congratulations, you finally got your very own iPhone or iPad! There is only one problem, you have no idea how to use it! In this personalized, two-week course, you’ll be guided through how to make calls, send emails, send texts, take photos and use the internet to find information. A course for those new to the smart phone/wireless device world, each session provides one-on-one help and comes with instruction handouts so you can practice at home. Don’t let that amazing technology sit in its box any longer! (For Apple devices only)

Practice Yoga Forever

Instructor: Joanne Bentley

A special invitation to all Senior Yogi's and Yogini's. This class is for you! This class is designed for seniors to inspire a more subtle balance of mind and body and to allow a sense of well being to be restored. It will help you to maintain range of motion, boost energy levels and enthusiasm and increase strength. Did you know that regular yoga practice, benefits all age? Bring a mat and towel. The class is basic Hatha Yoga with attention to breath as we move into and out of the postures. See you in class!

Painting Workshop

Instructor: Elizabeth Flanagan

All levels and water-soluble paints are welcome. We will examine the beauty of painting while learning about artists and their techniques. Independent projects ok.

Learn to Sing Barbershop Harmony

Instructor: Deborah Benedict

Inviting all men who can sing, think they can sing, or wish they could sing.  This class will introduce all to the enjoyment of singing in tight harmony in the classic Barbershop -style. Deborah Benedict, instructor, is a recent graduate of the Harmony University in Nashville, but started her career locally at Stanford, then earned advanced degrees in Voice and Opera.  She is one of the very few female music directors amongst the hundreds in the world-wide Barbershop Harmony Society and now directs the Marin Chapter which has been singing here for over sixty-years.

The class will include all sheet music and “learning tracks” (computer mp3’s with each voice recorded for each song).  Deborah will help you find your most comfortable singing range and teach the basics of “sight-singing.”  You’ll hear some experienced quartets and learn to sing along without fear or hesitation. Visit for more information