Ross Valley Seniors

Presented by Age Friendly San Anselmo and Age Friendly Fairfax

Meet new people and socialize, learn new things, enjoy meals together, play bocce ball and other games.

First time guests are always welcome to attend a meeting for $7 drop-in fee OR seniors may join the RVS for only $30 per year for 12 meetings.

Ross Valley Seniors Schedule




Kevin Wright – Marin County Parks & Open Space – Trails and Parks for Seniors to Enjoy


John Martini – San Francisco’s Forgotten Fair – 1984 Midwinter Fair in Golden Gate Park


Bingo Game Celebrating out 13th Year!!!


Holiday Party, Holiday Music and Sing Along with Dave Fromer

11:00am-12:00pm: Social, bocce ball (Weather permitting, when at Fairfax Women's Club or board/card games)

12:00pm-12:45pm: Lunch - Be sure to RSVP by calling 415-258-4669. We need a head count for lunch!

12:45pm-1:45pm: Guest speaker/program

Steering Committee: The steering committee meets after the program and cleanup.

Location: Fairfax Women's Club (46 Park Road) in Fairfax.

All activities occur at the Fairfax Women's Club (46 Park Road) in Fairfax, unless otherwise noted above. The Ross Valley Senior's Steering Committee/Board Meeting is after the monthly meeting. This group plans and RVS events and activities. All interested community members and seniors are welcome!

Please RSVP at 415-258-4669