Objective Design and Development Standards

In response to current and anticipated future housing legislation, the Town of San Anselmo is working with Marin County jurisdictions to develop Objective Design and Development Standards for multifamily and mixed-use residential development. Currently, local jurisdictions rely on discretionary review processes when considering most multifamily development projects. Recent amendments to state housing legislation, including the Housing Accountability Acts (AB 678, SB167, AB1515) and SB 35 (Streamlined Approval Process for Affordable Housing), now require local jurisdictions to have clear and objective zoning standards and streamlined review and approval processes to ensure that local housing production goals are met. Beginning in October 2019, The Town will collaborate with other Marin County jurisdictions on a common toolkit to adapt existing multifamily and mixed-use residential zoning and design guidelines into objective design standards reflective of local architectural styles, building patterns, and historical character. This toolkit will be adapted to the Town’s Zoning Code in late 2020.

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Town Council Consideration  April 9, 2019
Planning Commission Review August 19, 2019
Town Council Review August 27,2019