Ross Valley Fire Department


Implement Wildland Fire Prevention/Protection Program.RVF

The recent fire seasons have highlighted the need to do more fire prevention and protection. An enhanced defensible space inspection program along with community forums and evacuation exercises will help decrease hazards related to wildland fires. Additionally, working closely with allied fire agencies, cities, towns, and the County on a countywide approach to wildland fire prevention and protection.

  • Staff Impact: Low to moderate, depending on the level of engagement needed for community outreach and exercise events. 
  • Fiscal Impact: Funds have already been set aside for the added defensible space inspections across the Ross Valley, other costs would be relatively low for community outreach meetings.

Co-locate the Ross Valley and Marin County Fire Prevention teams to 800 San Anselmo Avenue.

Consolidating the fire prevention teams under one roof across from Station 19 in San Anselmo will help to coordinate consistency in the programs and provide oversight and management, it will also allow for single public counter to assist customers during the permit review period and answer questions.

  • Staff Impact: Low
  • Fiscal Impact: Zero to San Anselmo

Implement the Lexipol Policy Management system for RVFD.

While RVFD has a few policies, many are outdated and there’s not a centralized system to account for them. Lexipol has been chosen to provide the software framework to manage the policies that are unique to RVFD and also State and Federal rules and laws.

  • Staff Impact: Moderate to RVFD as part of the Lexipol implementation will be some updates or creation of policies by working with labor representatives
  • Fiscal Impact: Low, the budget for Lexipol is in the RVFD baseline Budget.

Implement an employee performance management system.

RVFD has not historically had a performance management system, in order to better align to best business practices and to increase meaningful coaching across the organization we will be implementing a more formalized process for performance management.

  • Staff Impact: Moderate for RVFD, as all employees and supervisors will take part in training and coaching to kick the program off.
  • Fiscal Impact: Low

Evaluate the RVFD’s infrastructure and capital asset plan.

With aging facilities, equipment, engines, and vehicles – a comprehensive long-term infrastructure and asset plan will be developed.

  • Staff Impact: Low
  • Fiscal Impact: Potentially high depending on Asset plans made in consultation with the Town and Ross Valley Fire Board.

Organize neighborhood groups for disaster preparedness and response (flood, fire, earthquake).

Town staff should take the lead (through existing staff or consultants that might be covered through a grant) to organize neighborhood disaster response teams. There are already models for this across the county and state.

  • Staff Impact: This would not be a difficult task but would be time-consuming for existing staff and would tend to get put off. A proposal to do this through a consultant would likely be well received.
  • Fiscal Impact: TBD