Central Marin Police Department


*These goals and objectives were adopted by the Central Marin Police Council on February 28, 2019

Improve efficiency within the organization in an effort to free up more time for employees to conduct other duties and be more responsive to the needs of the communities
​  a. Conduct a strategic workshop with front-line supervisors to identify areas where efficiency could be improved
​  b. Over the next two years conduct a thorough internal audit of Patrol and Support divisions to discover where efficiency could be improved
​  c. Explore technical and fiscal feasibility of an on-line reporting system
​       i. Explore benefits to community and officers
​  d. Explore technical and fiscal feasibility of e-citation program to replace paper tickets
​       i. Explore benefits to officers and support staff

​ • Improve Patrol presence
​  a. Through the improvement in efficiency, free up more officers’ time to be more visible in the communities
​  b. Work with managers to examine all options for improving officer visibility in the communities, in an effort to improve crime prevention and provide a stronger sense of security

​ • Improve traffic enforcement
​  a. Through an improvement in efficiency and patrol presence, free up more officers’ time to conduct traffic enforcement
​  b. Conduct more public outreach regarding safe driving habits and traffic enforcement operations
​  c. Collaborate better with public works departments to address and improve overall traffic safety through engineering

​ • Establish an in-house professional mentorship program
​  a. Explore benefits to improve retention and morale of employees