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Contact the Town if you are interested in posters for your business windows

San Anselmo’s Economic Development Committee created a poster campaign to help promote our local businesses during the height of the Covid pandemic. The campaign is meant to appeal to San Anselmo’s sense of community and connectedness, create town esprit and be light-hearted. When posted throughout Town, they will convey the sense of a vibrant, resilient, energized community and let people know that we’re open for business.

The campaign will achieve its greatest impact if posters are positioned similarly in all windows. Hang the posters from 6 feet above the sidewalk. Either place them side by side in a row, spaced ½” apart. If space is limited post posters in a grid. Covid-19 has spawned a need to fill our windows with lots of paper. When arranging the San Anselmo posters consider eliminating or organizing the balance of your displays to achieve an orderly presentation.

The 11”x17” posters present a variety of messages.

We can create posters customized for individual businesses. Let us know if you’d like one for your window. Please do not alter the posters.

If you have any questions, please contact the town:

poster with covid 19 text
poster with covid 19 text
poster with covid 19 text
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