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The Sustainability Commission is seeking your input on potential regulations to limit or restrict the use of gas-powered landscaping equipment.

According to California Air Resources Board, operating a best-selling commercial leaf blower for one hour emits smog-forming pollution comparable to driving a 2016 Toyota Camry about 1100 miles, or approximately the distance from Los Angeles to Denver. The Town of San Anselmo is considering a plan to phase out gas-powered, 2-cycle landscape maintenance equipment that includes leaf blowers, in addition to vacuums, trimmers, edgers, and cutters) as well as chain saws, chippers, rotary tillers, stump grinders, shredders, tractors, turf equipment, and other similar equipment with electric alternatives.  The goal is to reduce the pollution and health impacts on equipment users and neighbors, and is part of the implementation of the Town’s Climate Action Plan. Many cities and towns have taken similar steps, including several towns in Marin.

The Town of San Anselmo and the Sustainability Commission are seeking community input on this topic to assess how to design a program to avoid economic impacts on contractors and residents via a phase-in period and a buy-back or rebate program, and to ensure that operations for wildfire preparedness and emergency response are not hindered.

The Town already has a Leaf Blower Ordinance that restricts the use of ALL motorized leaf blowers (gas and electric) to specific times of the week (Monday, Thursday, Saturday, from 1 pm to 4 pm) – to restrict noise impacts. The phasing out of gas-powered landscape equipment would not replace this ordinance.

The Town Council considers all community input before making decisions such as the proposed action of phasing out  gas-powered, 2-cycle landscape maintenance equipment. 

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