Downtown One Way Street Pilot Project

A new concept has been discussed regarding temporarily turning part of San Anselmo Avenue into a one-way street between Tunstead and Tamalpais Avenues.

Staff has applied for and received the Transportation Authority of Marin’s (TAM) Quick Build Grant and was awarded $20,000 for the pilot project. A one-way street would allow for additional space to widen sidewalks, parking will remain but will move away from the buildings creating greater opportunities for businesses to develop parklets to utilize their parking for outdoor activities. The street could also be meandered and narrowed to slow down traffic and add more bike improvements where feasible.The draft proposal in the grant is to make San Anselmo Avenue one way from Tunstead to Tamalpais in the northwest direction toward Fairfax with southeast local traffic toward Ross going one-way on Kientz to Library Place.

Community Engagement:

The Town is in the process of conducting two community forums in August. At the August 12, 2020 community meeting, staff received feedback regarding the proposed project. To invite additional feedback we would like to invite you to another meeting taking place on August 26th, at 6 pm via Zoom.

The recording of the first meeting is available on YouTube.

Downtown One-Way Street Pilot Project Meeting
August 26th, at 6 pm
Or Telephone:+1 669 900 6833
Webinar ID: 819 6191 2247

For more information or questions, please contact Dmitriy Laptev at

Project Details:

Proof-of-concept drafts:

Option 1

Option 2

Misc. documents:

TAM Grant Application