Crafts for Kids

Pick up a Monthly Craft at your San Anselmo Public Library! Crafts will be available for pick up on a first-come, first-served basis during our open hours Mondays 10-7pm, Tuesdays 10-7pm, Wednesdays 10-7pm, Fridays 10-5pm & Saturdays 10-5pm. There will be a new craft every month for ages 5-10.

This Month's Craft:

September 2023 Craft  

SEPT 2023 Craft bio - summer memoriesSEPT 2023 Craft bio-new school year

Past Crafts:  

August 2023 Craft: 

AUG 2023 Butterfly symmetry-1 (1)
symmetrical butterfly august pic

July 2023 Craft:

july 2023 Bastille day craft flyer
July Bastille rosette

June 2023 Craft: Color a Juneteeth Flag!

juneteenth-1june 2023 juneteeth flyer  


The May 2023 Craft: Paint With Sunscreen!

May 2023 sunscreen flyersunscreen facts may 2023


April 2023 Craft

Make a Honeybee Finger Puppet!April 2023 bee grab and go flyer

March 2023 Craft

Create a Nature Mandala

march 2023 mandala grab and go flyer
kid nature mandala

February 2023 Craft

Celebrate Black History Month learning about Garrett Morgan

february 2023 grab and go
February 2023 garrett morgan
january 2023 grab and go craft flyer

January 2023 Craft

Make your own Birdseed Ornament! Pick up birdseed and twine as long as supplies last.Birdseed Ornament

orange pomander flyer

December 2022 Craft

Make your own Aromatic Winter Decorations! 

pick up instructions for making

Orange Pomanders

with oranges & cloves

nov 22 craft grab  go

November 2022 Gratitude Craft

  • Pick up a gratitude chain craft!
  • What are you grateful for?
  • Who is your community?
  • How are you generous?
  • Who will you share a good meal with?

  Learn about Marin's First People, the Coast Miwoks & what they ate during our beautiful Marin Autumn season

October 2022 Batty Crafts!

Use the templates provided to create a flying bat and a batty bookmark!

Have Fun!

bat craft 2022
leaf critters 2


Fallen Leaf Critter Collage!
Gather Leaves or color and cut the provided leaf template
glue in place to create a critter or creature
Add a face 
Have fun!!

sunflower seed coffee filter

August 2022 Craft: 

Coffee Filter Sunflower!

Included materials: coffee filters & sunflower seeds. Needed Materials: markers, food coloring & glue

Instructions: Color 2 coffee filters, place on cookie sheet…wet with water and (optional) yellow food coloring, let dry.. When dry, sandwich together and glue seeds to center – let dry, then hang sunflower in the window!


July 2022 

Grab and Go Craft:

Make dyed pasta bead bracelets! Pick up the materials at the library and instructions on making your own dyed pasta.

June 2022 Grab & Go Craft:

Make a Pop Up Cupcake Father's Day Card!  We provide template, instructions & a craft stick. You need a photo, glue/scissors pens/crayons to color
fathers day card
hand card mothers day

May 2022 Grab and Go Craft:

Make a Traced Hand Mother's Day Card!

Instructions and Cardstock included

mindfulness flower cover april 2022

April 2022 Grab and Go Craft: Mindfulness Flower

Fill in the flower petals with what you see, hear, smell, taste and feel in the present moment.

mindfulness flower
grass heads

March 2022 Grab and Go Craft:

Grow your own Grass Head!

cups and seeds provided or use your own jar from home

valentine charlie 2

BUGGY VALENTINE Grab and Go Craft!

Use the template with your own paper

*be creative*

print or copy a photo for the face

tiger puppet color paper

FEBRUARY 2022 Grab and Go Craft: Year of the 
Tiger Paper Bag Puppets!

Cut & Color Tiger template or use your own paper, glue legs & tail to back, face, ears & belly on front 

Happy Year of the Tiger!

Owls for Jan

JANUARY 2022 Grab and Go Craft: Owls!

Pick up a craft in the library and make a handprint snowy owl and an owl bookmark. It is sure to be a hoot!


DECEMBER 2021 Grab and Go Craft: Snowkid Melt

Why did the Snowkid melt? Make your own melted snowkid! Write a  story about what made yours melt to leave in the Library Mailbox (which is outside in the back of the library between the garden boxes). For a response, leave a self addressed stamped envelope. Have fun!

Thankful tree 2
Gratitude Chain 1

NOVEMBER 2021 Grab and Go Craft: Gratitude Chain and Thankful Tree

Pick up a special Thanksgiving craft to express what you are grateful for!

Bat friends

OCTOBER 2021 Grab and Go Craft: Bat Finger Puppets

Feeling batty? Make your very own bat finger puppets! Pick up a bat template and instructions at the library! 

coffee filter flower

Week Of August 23: Make Your own Chromatography Flowers!

Learn how colors are mixed as they separate on the filters - Have Fun!

sponge owl

Week of August 16: Make your own Sponge Paint Owl!

Using a kitchen sponge, tempera paint, glue stick & scissors You Can Have a Hoot making a Sponge Paint Owl!

Bird Book 1

Week of August 2-6: My Bird Book

Look up for birds for this week's Grab and Go Craft! We provide the bird book and you provide the bird sightings.

Shark Fin Hat 2

Week of July 26-30: Shark Hat

Swim like a shark in your very own shark fin hat! We provide the template to make a headband, shark fin and tail. You will need paints, markers or crayons to decorate; and scissors and glue to put it all together.

Rainbow Fish Pic

Week of July 19-23: Rainbow Fish

Decorate a rainbow fish! We provide the template, tissue paper and shiny scales, you will need scissors and glue.

Jelly fish bag craft

Week of July 12-16: Jellyfish Puppet

Create a jelly fish using a paper bag! We provide the bag and the eyes, you will need some scissors to cut the tentacles and decorations of your choice and of course your imagination!

Blue Crab

Week of July 6-9: Blue Crab

Can't get to the beach to see crabs this week? No problem, make your own blue crab! Pick up a Blue Crab template, you need scissors and glue and any decorations you would like!

Self Portrait Action Figure

Week of June 28-July 2: Self Portrait Action Figure

Make an action figure of one of the coolest people, yourself! Body and clothing templates are included. You will need crayons or markers, glue, scissors and any craft supplies you have lying around. 

paperbag butterfly

Week of June 21-28: Butterfly Paper Bag Puppet

Create your own Butterfly Puppet! Use the template and paper bag provided; you will need paper for the second wing, glue, scissors and your imagination!

monster card

Week of June 14-18

Create a Monster Card for Father's Day! Choose from a template of different mouths, ears and antennae to make your own unique monster. Eyes and pom-pom nose are included. Have fun! 

kids scavenger hunt

Week of June 7 -11: Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Get outside with your Scavenger Hunt list and go searching! All you need is a pen or a pencil and an inquisitive mind. Follow the list, add your own and have fun!

windsock pic

Week of June 1 - 4: Windsock

Make your own windsock! Craft paper, streamers and instructions are included. You need glue, markers or crayons and imagination.

Bird Bookmark

Week of May 24-28: Bird Bookmark

Make a Spring Bird Bookmark! Pick up the template and decorate, cut and glue together. Watch the How-To Video on our YouTube channel here.

baby yoda roll craft

Week of May 17-21 2021:    

Baby Yoda

Create your own Grogu or Baby Yoda with a template, glue or tape, and crayons or markers. Watch the How-To Video on our YouTube channel here!


Week of May 10-14: Butterfly Hand Puppet

Decorate, cut and glue together your very own Butterfly! The How-To Video is here.


This Week May 3-7 2021: Mother's Day Message Flower

Create a flower message for your special someone! Use the flower templates and craft stick provided. All you need is scissors, glue, and love. Watch the How-To video here:

paper bag cape 2

Week of April 26-30: Paper Bag Cape

Create your own cape using a paper bag, yarn and your imagination! See the how-to video link here:

sprout house image

Week of April 19-23

With a bean, a wet paper towel and air, you can grow your own bean plant! Make sure to leave your baggie open so the bean can get air.

hummingbird spinner

Hummingbird Thaumatrope

Week of April 12-16

See your very own hummingbird fly by making one of these hummingbird spinners!  


Week of April 5-9

Make your own birdhouse! You provide the imagination and decoration and we provide the template.

Bunny Box and egg cup

Week of March 29- April 2

Fold your own Bunny Box and Bunn Egg Cup! We provide the template and you provide the decoration!

butterfly craft

Week of March 22-26

Create your own butterfly! All you need is scissors, glue and your imagination. We provide the paper template, paper, sticker eyes, antennae and craft stick.


Week of March 15-19 2021

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day by making a cute Leprechaun bookmark! The template and instructions are included. You just need crayons/markers, glue and scissors.

Jester Hat picture

Week of March 8-12 2021

Jester Hat

Create Your Own Jester Hat! Materials included are the Jester Hat template & instructions, you need scissors, crayons and tape!

Origami Silly Face bookmarks

Week of March 1-5

Origami Silly Face Bookmarks!

Make your own origami bookmark! Materials included are origami paper and silly eye stickers, you need markers, imagination and helper for the littlest hands.

Imagination Tree

Week of February 22-26 2021

Imagination Tree

Trees are blooming in your neighborhood! Pick up a tree template and tissue paper and create your own blooming Imagination Tree of colorful leaves and blossoms.

Grab and Go 1

Week 1 (September 14-September 18 2020): 
Make your own comic book! 

2 Owl Puppet

Week 2 (September 21-September 25 2020): 
Paper Bag Owl Puppet

Color owl parts, cut them out, glue them on to the paper bag and make an owl puppet! 

3 popsicle stick puzzle

Week 3 (September 28-October 2 2020):
Popsicle Stick Puzzle

Materials included: 10 popsicle sticks

Materials needed: Markers and tape


  1. Tape all popsicles sticks together using tape
  2. Flip taped popsicle sticks over and draw a picture or color pattern
  3. Take tape off and mix up the sticks. Try to put the puzzle back together! 
Grab and Go 4

Week 4 (October 5-October 9)
Catapult Craft

Make your own catapult and see how far it goes! All materials will be provided. 

Grab and Go 5

Week 5 (October 12-October 16)
Straw Rockets

Make a colorful straw rocket and see it take off! We will provide the materials -- you provide the fun!

grab and go 6

Week 6 (October 19-October 23)
Paper Bag Sea Otter Puppet

Color and create an adorable sea otter with baby sea otter puppet this week with our Grab and Go Crafts for Kids! We will provide the puppet template and bag -- kids and their adults should have markers, glue, and scissors on hand to finish their puppets.  

grab and go craft 7

Week 7 (October 26-October 30)
Flying Bat Rockets

Trick or treat! Create a Flying Bat Rocket this week -- give a puff of air and watch them fly! 

Grab and Go 8

Week of November 2-November 6
Gratitude Chain

Make a wonderful decoration for Thanksgiving with this Gratitude Chain craft! Write what you are thankful for on each line, cut out each strip, and fasten them into a chain. 

grab and go week 9

Week of November 9-November 13
Scarecrow Craft

Build your own scarecrow this week! Color and cut the scarecrow template and tape or glue him together. 

10 hedgehog

Week of November 16-20
Hedgehog Craft

Make an adorable hedgehog with fall leaves!

winter bookmark

Week of November 23-25
Winter Songbird Bookmark

Create your own Winter Songbird Bookmark and use it while reading a good book in the cold months.

winter window ornament

Week of November 30- Dec 4         

Winter Window Ornament

Create an ornament using tissue paper, contact paper and a pipe cleaner to hang from.

dreidel image

Week of December 7- 11 


Color the dreidel template and cut out and make your own dreidel and play using the game instructions.

wood slice ornament ideas pretty

Week of December 14-18 

Wood Slice Ornament

Decorate your very own wood slice!

Image one

Week of January 4-8

New Year's Resolutions

Use the template and craft sticks to create your 2021 Resolutions and hang them somewhere you will see them so you will not forget about them!

Mitten craft

Week of January 11-15

Mitten  Craft

Cut out a mitten and all the animals then let the animals crawl in to stay warm! Inspired by Jan Brett's The Mitten.

photo leaf mask cropped

January 19- 22

 Create a Nature Superhero Mask 

Go on a nature hunt & gather leaves, lichen, moss, or any nature treasures to create your mask! See how to make them here.

groundhog coffee cropped

Week of January 25-29

Create a groundhog Shadow Puppet

Groundhog Template and craft stick included. Materials needed are scissors, tape and sun or a flashight! Watch how to make them here.

bubble wand

Week of February 1-5

Bubble Wands! 

We will provide the pipe cleaners and you will need a little bit of dish soap, water, and a bowl to mix them together. Watch how to make them here 


Week of February 8-12

Hedgehog Valentine 
Need a valentine for a special someone? Pick up a hedgehog template with googly eyes and a pom pom nose and make a cute spiny valentine. Click  here for the how to video.
Ox Picture

Week of February 16-19

Year of the Ox Paper Bag Puppet

Many cultures celebrate the Lunar New Year, which falls on February 12 this year. Each year is represented by a Chinese zodiac animal and 2021 is the Year of the Ox. In honor of Lunar New Year, this week's Grab and Go Craft is to make your own Ox paper bag puppet!