Deep Green Competition

SA Sustainability Commission Presents : San Anselmo and Fairfax Deep Green Competition

For members who live in MCE communities, MCE’s Deep Green 100% renewable energy service is a simple way to invest in a clean energy future. By opting–up to Deep Green, customers choose California wind and solar energy and eliminate their electricity–related carbon footprint in a simple and low–cost way. Deep Green customers pay only $0.01/kilowatt–hour more in comparison to MCE’s Light Green service, $5 more a month for the average residential customer. By opting up to Deep Green, we not only eliminated our electricity–related carbon footprint, helping to reduce California’s greenhouse gas emissions, but also kept our dollars local. Half of the Deep Green premium is invested in MCE’s Local Renewable Energy & Program Development Fund, helping to support the funding and installation of electric vehicle charging ports and building of renewable projects like MCE Solar One, a 10.5 MW solar array on a remediated brownfield site in Richmond, California. Let’s make a pledge to a clean energy future! Join the Deep Green 100% renewable energy movement by visiting or calling 1 (888) 632–3674, Monday–Friday, 8 am–5 pm

As part of the San Anselmo Climate Action Plan, the Town has set a 2020 goal to increase participation in MCE’s Deep Green program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Currently, only 6.6% of Town accounts are enrolled in Deep Green – we hope to increase that to 20%!  We challenge the Town of Fairfax to a competition to see which town can achieve the highest increase in participation. 

deep green enrollment chart

*Sausalito's enrollment tracking started in November. 

**Data is being updated as it becomes available from MCE.

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