Racial Equity Ad Hoc Committee

The purpose of the Racial Equity Ad Hoc Committee is to ensure that Town policies, programs, procedures and laws are not racist, are free of implicit biases, and that laws are fair and equitably enforced. The committee will also explore additional opportunities to build awareness, solutions and leadership for racial equity, social justice, systemic racial bias, and diversity for Town staff and the wider community. The Resolution creating the committee is here. With the goal of building an inclusive, vibrant and equitable community the committee will:

  • Conduct an audit of the Town’s policies, programs, procedures and laws to be sure that they are fair, equitable and free of biases of any kind.
  • Explore options and implement anti-bias, racial equity and other appropriate training for staff.
  • Explore additional opportunities to improve Town government policies, practices and programs to address racial equity, social justice, systemic racial bias, and diversity issues.

Racial Equity Ad Hoc Committee open seat

Are you interested in issues of race, equity and inclusivity in the Town of San Anselmo? Would you like to serve the community with a group of dedicated and like-minded people who are making a difference in Town? Do you live or work in San Anselmo? Then you should consider applying for the vacant seat on San Anselmo’s Racial Equity Ad Hoc Committee. Members must live, work or own a business or property in San Anselmo. Visit the committee’s website at https://www.townofsananselmo.org/1453/Racial-Equity-Ad-Hoc-Committee to learn more. You can apply here https://www.townofsananselmo.org/FormCenter/Administration-Forms-4-4/Boards-Committee-Applications-38-38 by October 29.

 ¿Le interesan los temas de raza, equidad e inclusión en la Ciudad de San Anselmo? ¿Le gustaría servir a la comunidad con un grupo de personas dedicadas y con ideas afines que están haciendo una diferencia en la ciudad? ¿Vive o trabaja usted en San Anselmo? Entonces debería considerar la posibilidad de solicitar el puesto vacante en el Comité Especial de Equidad Racial de San Anselmo. Los miembros deben vivir, trabajar o poseer un negocio o una propiedad en San Anselmo. Conéctese al sitio web del Comité en https://www.townofsananselmo.org/1453/Racial-Equity-Ad-Hoc-Committee para obtener más información. Usted puede hacer su solicitud aquí https://www.townofsananselmo.org/FormCenter/Administration-Forms-4-4/Boards-Committee-Applications-38-38 hasta el 29 de octubre.

Racial Equity Ad Hoc Committee
Tiffany McElroy, Chair 2021
Navruz Avloni
Bailey Bauer
Frank Gomez
Larry Organ
Heidi Weller

Email the Committee: racialequity@townofsananselmo.org 

Note that all correspondence to the committee is made available to the public.

Staff contact: Assistant Town Manager Linda Kenton

The REAHC meets on the first Tuesday of every month.

Agendas, Meeting Documents and Videos 

Archive meeting agenda, minutes and videos prior to January 5, 2022