Accessing The New York Times at Home

Step 1: Get a Code:       

Click here to access the library's portal. 

You'll be taken to a screen with the heading "A special offer from The New York Times"  with a code already filled into the form. Click the "Redeem" button and  you'll be taken to a screen to create a account.

Step 2: Log in or Create an Account      

In order to use your code, you'll need to associate it with a account. If you don't have one, you'll need to create one.  Sign up with your email or through your existing Facebook or Twitter  accounts. You might already have a account, in which case  you should click the "Log in here" link instead. If you've forgotten  your password, you can follow the prompts to have it sent to you again.   

Step 3: Use Your Pass      

Once you've either logged in with a current account or created a new  account, you'll be taken to a SUCCESS page which tells you your pass is  active.

Your pass will work on any computer where you log in to your account, so you can use it on your iPad, work computer, laptop, etc. If you have The New York Times app, or want to download it, you'll  also have unlimited 72 hour access there as well once you've logged into  the app with your account. You'll also get a confirmation  email sent to the email account you used to sign up with     

Uh-Oh! Possible reasons for error messages 

There are some situations that will result in an error message:

  • You already have a account set up and you try to login on the "Sign Up" screen
  • You try to login on the "Log In" screen and you don't have a account yet
  • You already have a paid digital subscription to associated with your email address
  • You currently have a remote pass activated (if your 72 hours isn't up yet)