Current Priorities

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The Climate Action Commission is focused on actions designed to implement the Climate Action Plan, to reduce Town GHG emissions and to make preparations to adapt to anticipated changing climate conditions.  CAC Subcommittees have identified a number of priority projects for 2023-24 – listed in priority order within each Program:

Building Decarbonization to promote reduction in use of natural gas in buildings by improving energy efficiency and electrifying appliances.  

Project Name



Green Building code update in San Anselmo

Update Town code to reflect County model green building code update; change requirements for electrification in substantial remodels, enforce new code

Reduce GHG emissions in buildings

San Anselmo Resilience Hub

Carry out design and contracting phases of Town Hall solar energy collection and storage. Plan for bi-directional charging from Town fleet. Plan for resilience center functions. Consider project expansion to Corporation Yard.  

Make progress towards creation of a resilient community center equipped with renewable power that can provide clean energy resilience to reduce municipal energy bills and support residents during emergencies.

Home energy audits and disclosure of energy bills at time of sale

Research best practices to promote, subsidize, and/or require energy audit and/or disclosure of energy bills at time of sale.  

Inform home buyers about energy costs, and needed home improvements; promote gas appliance replacement; reduce GHG emissions from buildings. 

Decarbonize Town facilities by 2028

Draft, discuss, and propose a Town Council resolution to remove all methane gas appliances from Town facilities by a specific date.

Reduce GHG emissions from use of methane gas in Town facilities.  

Low carbon concrete

Evaluate ways to increase use of low carbon concrete 

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from concrete by reducing cement levels or replacing lower carbon emitting cementitious materials in concrete designs

EV Mobility/Active Transportation:

  • promote adoption of electric vehicles to reduce largest source of GHG emissions by increasing number of public EV chargers (including streetlight chargers), approve municipal fleet electrification policy and conversion strategy; promote regional and school bus fleet decarbonization, and
  • promote alternatives to car transportation by providing safe bicycle and pedestrian routes and charging and bike storage infrastructure to serve the bicycling public

Project Name



Municipal EV Chargers

Plan installation of new municipal EV chargers in Town parking lots and at street lights

Provide charging infrastructure to support growing number of EVs – for Town residents and travelers

Fleet electrification policy and plan

Town to develop and approve a fleet electrification policy and plan to replace all gas-powered vehicles by 2030

Reduce GHG emissions from Town fleet vehicles

EV and ebike show in San Anselmo/Fairfax 

Support and fund a local EV and ebike show by Ride and Drive Clean in August 2023

Promote EVs and ebikes to meet the Climate Action Plan goals 

Promote alternatives to cars by incentivizing Ebikes or bicycles

Fund rebates for purchase of ebikes

Increase use of ebikes for transportation, reducing the Vehicle Miles Traveled in Town

Secure long term bike storage and infrastructure

Establish funding for Active Transportation expenses, including secure bike storage and safe biking infrastructure

Encourage increased bicycle transportation by improving cyclist safety

Promote EV home chargers

Fund rebates for home EV charging installations

Advance EV adoption by finding funds and researching pathways to reduce the cost of home charger installation for homeowners and renters 

Install EV/Ebike charging signage

Add directional signs to municipal EV chargers on Town signs, State signage

Make it easy for EV owners to find chargers and. normalize EVs in community

Propose permanent ban on gas station development and expansion

Develop ordinance and staff report on proposal to ban further development of gas stations in Town.

Avoid buildout of fossil fuel infrastructure; promote installation of commercial EV chargers.

Bi-directional EVs and equipment 

Consider Council resolution to establish policy for acquisition of Town fleet vehicles with bi-directional charging capability

Enhance support for California grid by increasing available energy storage in municipal vehicles

Bike share

Research Bike share programs and identify funding opportunities

Increase cycling by providing a bike-share program that connects cyclists to commercial centers, public transit

Compost Distribution for Soil Health (Carbon sequestration) to keep compostable materials ("organics") out of landfills to reduce emissions, and to procure and apply compost to improve soil health, sequester carbon. 

Compost Giveaway Days

Procure compost for community distribution, and advertise its availability

Engage and educate community members on the benefits of compost to soil and climate

Comply with SB 1383 by distributing compost

Communicate with county/Zero Waste Marin regarding identification of potential town sites for compost application

systematize distribution of compost with the goal of increasing carbon sequestration


Research use of county agricultural land for composting to serve as carbon offset credits for compliance with SB1383


  • Outreach, to plan and carryout public education/information campaigns using Town newsletters, social media accounts, presentations, webinars, community climate conversations in public spaces (tabling).  Promote awareness of Town climate action programs – single-use foodware rules, ban on gas-powered landscape equipment, promotion of heat pump water heaters, etc. 

Community Climate Conversations

Plan 6-12 tabling events each year; maintain collection of updated information flyers and collection of “giveaways” to promote CAC programs.  Seek 4 community education events for presentations. 

Increase public awareness of Climate Action Commission programs and climate actions they can take

Social Media

Maintain at least 2 social media accounts to distribute information about CAC programs, Town climate actions

Increase public awareness of Climate Action Commission programs and climate actions they can take


Develop text for publication in Town newsletter; periodically distribute postcards about new Town climate-related programs relevant to residents. 

Increase public awareness of Climate Action Commission programs and climate actions they can take