Current Priorities

action now

San Anselmo is a climate action community.  The Commission has established the following priority projects for 2021-22.

  • San Anselmo’s Community Resilience Hub:

Install solar panels with battery storage on town hall to create a welcoming Community Center equipped with an emergency power center that provides clean energy resilience for both town services and residents, equipped for extreme weather, providing power, broadband, cooling, water, social services, and older adult assistance in an emergency situation. Having an independent source of power will create a resilient town protecting people during emergencies and power shutoffs.  Town electric bill will be reduced and jobs for installation are created.

  • Ride or Drive clean transportation adoption:

Together with Town, raise community ambition for E-bikes and EV Adoption and Infrastructure, with leadership in “Electrify Your Ride Events” with Ride and Drive Clean California.

  • Electrify Everything 

Promote the transition to “Clean Green Electric Landscape Equipment.” 

An ordinance has been passed to ban gas-powered leaf blowers town-wide.

A rebate program for trade-in of gas-powered landscape equipment has been funded.

Prepare Town for “Building Electrification Ordinances and Codes”.

Approve an ordinance requiring (as feasible) replacement of gas-powered appliances with electric upon burnout.

Fund electrification of Town Center’s water heater, furnace, and generator. 

Approve an ordinance requiring new construction be all-electric.

  • Reduce Plastic Waste and Food Waste 

Provide support for local businesses to implement the single-use plastic ordinance with the help of Rethink Disposables. Promote waste reduction by providing receptacles for recyclables, composting and landfill at various  town locations and gathering centers.

Development of Dispatch Goods pilot program to work with town restaurants to create a reusable container program. 

Work with Plastic Free Marin to improve and modernize town receptacles to be more efficient and create more public communication for proper sorting of landfill, recycling, and compost along with implementation of single-use plastic ordinance.