Electrify Your Ride


The Commission seeks to champion the adoption of E-bikes and Electric Vehicles, partnering with Ride and Drive Clean California and Drive Clean Bay Area.  We are promoting Electrify Your Ride Events to help residents choose the right vehicle to meet their needs.  


“Why EVs?” you might ask.  Passenger vehicles in Marin account for 40% of the county’s GHG emissions.   Statewide, passenger vehicles account for 28% of emissions.  Passenger vehicles consume 35% of all petroleum products in the U.S. Tailpipe emissions are also a major source of air pollution in the Bay Area resulting in worsening of asthma, bronchitis and cardiovascular disease, and other health impacts. This is especially true for frontline communities living near freeways and in urban centers suffering the effects from air pollution first and worst.

You can replace your gas-powered car with an Electric Vehicle (EV) or get out of the car completely and ride an E-bike for some or all of your transportation needs. 

If you charge your EV or ebike using rooftop solar or other renewable energy sources like the MCE Deep Green option, you can make your transportation carbon-free.  Also, your ebike creates less wear and tear on our roadways.  


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What You Can Do 

#1 Drive an all-electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle or ride an electric bike. 

#2 Bike, walk or take transit whenever possible 

#3 Shut your car off when waiting in line at the ATM or in the school pick up/drop off lane. 

#4 Better yet, encourage your child to walk or bike to school.