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Previously known as our Take and Make Kits, the Library of Things includes maker activities, crafts, and musical instruments. 

All items in the Library of Things check out for 3 weeks. Please note: due to the fragile nature of these items, we cannot send them out for pick up at other libraries. All “Things” must be checked out and returned to the San Anselmo Library. Please call 415-258-4656, text 415-855-1597, or email if you have any questions about checking out an item in the Library of Things.  


Embroidery Kit
Embroidery is a traditional art form that is both aesthetically pleasing and emotionally beneficial. The exposure to pattern and color requires discipline and promotes creativity. In addition, the act of maneuvering the thread and needle precisely and following a design stimulates and improves brain function and can relieve stress. By learning how to embroider, you can create something beautiful and unique for your permanent enjoyment. 

Contains an instruction book, five different sizes of embroidery hoops, fabric, thread, needles, and all the accessories needed to get started. 


Frame Drums
Discover the joy and love of music and rhythm -- try out our frame drums! A frame drum is one of the most ancient musical instruments, and perhaps the first drum to be invented. Wider than they are tall, these traditional African hand drums can produce a tender timbre or pack a substantial punch. 

Includes two different sized frame drums and an instruction guid


GoPro Camera
Experiment with a GoPro Hero7 Action Camera: you can bring it on your next outdoor adventure, hang it from a light and take an aerial shot of a room, take a cooking video, and so much more. 

Comes with a the camera, a head strap, extension arm, tripods, and handgrip.


Knitting Kit
Learning to knit can be a great stress reducer. The repetitive action of needlework can induce a relaxed state that is associated with meditation and yoga. Once you get beyond the initial learning curve, knitting can even lower heart rate and blood pressure. 

Comes with two pairs of knitting needles in two different gauges, an instruction book designed for beginners, and a ball of yarn for you to get started -- and, yes, you get to keep your final creation! 

rock tumbler

Rock Tumbler
A rock tumbler transforms what appear to be plain rocks into beautiful gemstones once they are professional polished. This kit is fun for all ages and supports STEAM learning. Please note: The rock tumbler has a six week check out period.

Comes with an instruction book, gemstone learning guide, a rock tumbler learning guide, and grits.


Enjoy streaming movies and TV shows on Kanopy and Hoopla with our Roku. Roku devices all you to stream and watch content on your TV instead of a laptop or mobile device. 

Please note: the Roku has a 7-day check out period.

telescope image

Check out the night sky by checking out our Zhumell telescope! The telescope comes with everything you need to have fun and see the stars, moon, and planets. 

Comes with telescope, quick start guide, red-light flashlight, and constellation book. 

ukulele side

The ukulele is the perfect first stringed instrument for anyone: it is small, portable, and easy to handle. Playing the ukulele is just good old-fashioned entertainment and a great introductory instrument. If you're looking for a low-pressure, healthy, and fun way to unwind, then come check out our ukulele!

Comes with a ukulele, a tuner, and a beginner's instruction book and cheat sheet.