Housing Element Advisory Committee (HEAC)

The Role of the Housing Element Advisory Committee

The Housing Element Advisory Committee is a Council-appointed committee, approved through Resolution No. 4434 on June 14, 2022, and consists of seven members. The HEAC is an advisory body serving the San Anselmo community through the Housing Element Update process. The HEAC supplements the community input provided at public workshops and will provide feedback and guidance throughout the Housing Element process.

The HEAC is expected to meet at least monthly, however more frequent meetings may be necessary throughout the planning effort. The San Anselmo Housing Element Update is a one-year process that involves public engagement events and activities. The HEAC is a limited-term committee appointed to fulfill the mission and role outlined above for the duration of the planning effort. At the completion of the Housing Element Update, the HEAC will be dissolved.

Documents related to the Housing Element update may be found at: Housing Element Update


  • The committee meets regularly once a month. with additional meetings held as necessary.
  • All meetings of the committee are open to the public

Meeting Dates & Agendas - all meetings are virtual unless otherwise noticed

Date Agenda  
July 11, 2022 4:00pm Agenda Video
July 25, 2022 4:00pm Agenda  
September 1, 2022  4:00pm Agenda  


  • Two members of Town Council.
  • One member from the Planning Commission.
  • Four members who are San Anselmo residents and appointed by the Town Council.
  • The committee is an advisory committee only; input will be forwarded to Town Council for final action.

Members will serve until HCD certifies the Housing Element. The HEAC will dissolve automatically following certification.

Sandra Becker  
Kathy Ogren  
Robin Poppers  
Richard Redmond  
Tom Tunny - Planning Commissioner  
Alexis Fineman - Mayor, Town Council  
Eileen Burke - Town Council  


  • To send a group email message to the committee members, use this email address: heac@townofsananselmo.org
  • If you have any questions about the Housing Element Advisory Committee or an item under consideration by the committee, please contact Heidi Scoble, Planning Director:  hscoble@townofsananselmo.org