Tarrell Kullaway, Vice Mayor

Tarrell KullawayTown Hall
525 San Anselmo Ave
San Anselmo, CA 94960
Phone: 415-258-4600
Email: tkullaway@townofsananselmo.org

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Tarrell grew up in San Anselmo on Tunstead Avenue, right next door to the Library. One of her most vivid childhood memories is the flood of 1982. She tried and failed to walk to school as the water passed her knees. By the afternoon, residents were floating down the block on boats. What seemed fun at first soon turned to devastation when all of the downtown homes and businesses were faced with digging their belongings out of toxic mud. Many of those businesses, including the beloved toy store, never returned.

A few years after the flood, when Tarrell was in high school, her mother created a public arts organization and pushed the town to create the San Anselmo Artist Studios. She and her mom were also among the lucky families to move into the Isabel Cook Apartments (affordable public housing) as they opened. It was around that same time that she started attending Town Council meetings. At the time, Anne Wooliver was the mayor. Tarrell looked up to this smart, even-handed woman and thought that someday she’d like to be just like her.

After high school (Drake/Archie Williams Class of 1987) Tarrell attended college in Portland, Oregon, and stayed in the Pacific Northwest, raising two sons in Seattle, Washington.

Tarrell made a career helping non-profit organizations raise money to support environmental protection, early childhood development, cancer research, and more. Along the way, she learned how to lead teams, retain talent, and bring a sense of joy to everything she takes on. Working in leadership at environmental advocacy and political organizations, she gained a deep understanding of what it takes to move things forward in government and elsewhere. Under Tarrell's leadership as Executive Director for Marin County Bicycle Coalition, she had grown the operating budget by more than 80% and doubled the number of full-time staff in the first three years.  

Tarrell moved back to San Anselmo in 2019 to take on the position of Executive Director for Marin County Bicycle Coalition. Tragically, her husband died in August of 2021 after losing a 3-year fight with cancer. 

Tarrell is a strong believer in civic engagement and public process. Before joining the Town Council, she was an appointed member of the San Anselmo Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee and the San Anselmo Capital Expenditure Oversight Committee. She was also honored to be appointed by Supervisor Rice to the Marin County Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee. 

In her free time, she likes to garden, hike, and bike. She tries to get out to the beach at least a few times a month. If you live in the area, you are sure to have seen her riding her e-bike with her sweet dog, Frankie, in the front basket. She has committed to leaving her car at home any time she is traveling less than four miles. She likes that her e-bike is cheaper, gets her there faster (especially during rush hour), and puts her in a better mood than when she drives.