Infrastructure and Fiscal Monitoring Committee

Formation of the Committee

On Februrary 14, 2023, the Town Council dissolved the Town’s Capital Program Monitoring Committee and the Financial Advisory Committee, and established the Infrastructure and Fiscal Monitoring Committee (IFMC). (Resolution# 4476)


The charge of the IFMC is to monitor the implementation of the Town’s capital improvement program, funded by the voter-approved Measure J one-cent sales tax funds, as well as grant funding, Road Maintenance Fund monies and General Fund monies and any future funding sources. 
Effective oversight requires the IFMC become familiar with the Town’s finances, budget, resource allocations and expenditures, and to make recommendations to Town Council regarding matters affecting the Town’s financial position.

Goal and Purpose: 

To ensure that the Town’s finances are open and transparent and to engage residents in the process of allocating the Town’s limited financial resources.


The objectives of the IFMC are to:

a) Review and report on the use of the general purpose revenues generated by the current San Anselmo Transactions and Use Tax (Measure J) and any future local sales tax measures.
b) Review the Town’s capital improvement plan and current budget, become familiar with the budget structure, including the General Fund and other funds, sources of revenue and current expenditures.
c) Identify the Town’s primary unmet needs, which may include infrastructure repair, community facilities, community programs and events, transportation and traffic issues, median upgrades, or code enforcement, as identified in the Strategic Planning survey, as well as other needs.
d) Make recommendations to the Town Council regarding how best to accomplish and fund the Town’s priority needs.


  • Quarterly, at a minimum
  • Currently scheduled for: January, April, September & November
  • With Zoom capability if needed
  1. Jeff Zuba

    Finance & Administrative Services Director

  2. Sean Condry

    Public Works & Building Director

Meetings & Agendas


Seven (7) voting members, representing a diverse representation of the community, including families, professionals, seniors, etc.. Two (2) Council members and three (3) designated Town staff liaisons (Town Manager, Public Works Director and Finance and Administrative Services Director) will serve in an advisory capacity only. 


Members will serve three (3) year terms, except when a member is appointed for a shorter period to fill the end of a vacated term. The goal is to stagger the appointment schedule so that no more than half of the seats shall expire in any one year.

Committee Members

Member Name
Term Expires
Richard Berkson
February 2026
Marie Henrio
March 2023
Bob Marcucci
February 2025
Stanley Radtke
March 2023
Erik Selvig March 2023
Viktoriya Wise
February 2025
Alexis Fineman
February 2024
Tarrell Kullaway
February 2024