Resale Inspection Report - Residential (RBR)


All San Anselmo residential properties require a Residential Resale Report from the Town to be delivered to and acknowledged by the Buyer prior to the transfer of ownership (SAMC 9-23.03). Each and every time ownership is transferred. 

Also see Ross Valley Fire and Ross Valley Sanitary for possible additional resale requirements.


The Town Residential Resale Report is intended to identify the regularly authorized and legal use, occupancy, and zoning classifications of the property and all other pertinent information relating thereto. (SAMC 9-23.02). Buyers, protect yourself by insisting on seeing a current RBR even for off market sales. All responsibility for unpermitted and substandard work transfers to you.


1) Property History - There is a limited search of past and present found and readable records in the Town's possession. This property history may take time to research as there can be numerous sources. 

2) Physical Inspection - A limited visual inspection of accessible areas of the property is required.

SCHEDULING: Avoid Surprises - Agents, Apply and Schedule the Inspection as soon as you take the listing.

Three weeks is the shortest possible time from Accepted Application to receiving the Report. Physical Inspections must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance of desired inspection date and are on a first come first served basis with limited availability. Plan ahead. Pre-inspection investigation takes time so we do not make exceptions. 

The  inspection must be scheduled within 6 months of a accepted application. 


1) Resale Application / Payment / Inspection Scheduling Questions

2) Resale Inspection Findings /  Resale Report Questions / Resale Report Revisions


  1. Email the Completed Resale Application to Incomplete applications will not be processed nor inspection scheduled until application is complete and payment processed.
  2. a. To be complete all application questions must be answered with applicant signature. b. The signature of the resident or a signed statement of vacancy must be included at the bottom of the application to allow Town access.
  3. You will receive email instructions for online payment only after the staff processes a Completed Application.
  4. Once the payment has processed staff will reach out to Schedule the Physical Inspection.
  5. The Resale Application Fee of $346 and $56 for each additional structure or additional unit.


Report Delivery: A reasonable effort will be made to email the completed report to the applicant the week following the physical Inspection.

Reports are good for 6 months from issuance to the owner prior to transfer. Work with or without permits during that 6 months will void the report and necessitate the issuance of a revised report at $153 hourly staff time.

Certification: Seller’s Certification of Receipt and Buyers Certification of Receipt on the last page of the report will be enforced.

Permit Issues: Any discovered unpermitted work or unfinalized permits will be referenced in the report. The responsibility for these permit issues run with the property and transfers to the new owner if not remedied prior to transfer of title.

1. Fines for unpermitted work will be assessed in accordance with Town ordinances and transferred with title unless paid at up to 5 times value of Permit Fee; (Minimum $500)

2. Permit applications for future work will not be accepted until these permit issues are cleared with permits, permit fees paid, inspections and fines paid regardless of ownership.

Life Safety: Significant life safety items will be abated immediately.

Report Revisions: There will be a $153 hourly staff time fee for reports revised for completed corrections or change in information. No fee for staff corrections.

Failure to Comply:

It shall be unlawful for the owner of a residential building in the Town of San Anselmo to sell or exchange such building without first having obtained and delivered to the buyer or transferee a Report of the Residential Building Record, RBR (SMAC 9-23.05)

Property Transfer Public Records are monitored for compliance and new owners contacted where no RBR was issued prior to transfer of ownership. Transferors of such properties my have significant legal exposure from transferees for damages resulting from enforcement of unpermitted use or unpermitted work.