Flood Committee

Flooding photo - near seminaryThe Flood Committee was established in 2006 by Town Council Resolution #3906

Charge: The Flood Committee serves as the Town’s experts on flooding and stormwater management issues by staying informed on hydrologic conditions that affect flooding in San Anselmo and evaluating possible solutions to make recommendations to Town Council. 

Purpose: The Flood Committee aims to ensure that the issue of flooding in San Anselmo continues to be address through awareness, education, and action. 

Goals and Objectives: The goal of the Committee is to play an active part in flooding solutions, encouraging a suite of short, medium, and long-term solutions. The objectives include working closely with the Ross Valley Watershed effort to address flooding problems and facilitating local solutions (such as flood gates, home elevations, creek cleaning, and low impact development) to reduce the risk of flooding and flood damage. 

Organization: The Committee consists of seven members, appointed by Town Council to serve staggered four-year terms. The Committee members include 2 members of Town Council. Members are recruited from areas of expertise related to the control of stormwater, such as: engineering, hydrology, flood control, banking, and insurance. 

Member Roster


  • As needed
  • With Zoom capability if needed

Staff Contact

Sean Condry
Public Works & Building Director
Phone: (415) 258-4676


  • Resolution #3906: Defining the Framework for the Flood Committee
  • Resolution #4151: Amending Resolution 3906, Increasing the Membership from Five to Seven Members and Revising the Charge to Include the Responsibility for the Community Rating System (CRS) Program for Public Information (PPI)