FEMA Information

FEMA publishes the official flood maps of San Anselmo, which delineate the spatial and vertical extent of the Base Flood, or 100-year flood.

FEMA also administers the National Flood Insurance Program. The following links have more information about the NFIP:

The following links provide ways of viewing the most current flood maps and determining if your building is subject to the special requirements of the flood zone: Flood insurance rates are adjusted based upon a building's elevation above the Base Flood, therefore elevation certificates are important as a means of collecting and certifying this information. San Anselmo collects elevation certificates through permitting and makes them available to the public.

Inundation Maps

The following links were developed by the Ross Valley Flood Control Program and show simulated inundation areas at increasing flood recurrence intervals. For more information about recurrence intervals visit this page.

5 year recurrence interval:


10 year:


25 year:


50 year:


100 year:


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