Parkside Preschool

Over Thirty Nine Years of LearningParkside Preschool

  - An exciting and rewarding experience awaits your child at
Parkside Preschool. Celebrating thirty-five years of learning,
Parkside offers a developmentally appropriate approach on education. Children are encouraged to learn through activities
that fit their age levels and individual stages of development.
The multi-aged group provides experiences that enhance the development of each child’s whole self: intellectual, social, creative, and physical. A special focus on Kindergarten readiness
is also provided during our “Pre-K Group Time” which meets twice
a week. Preschoolers love to learn and our well-rounded program includes arts, crafts, music, outdoor play, academics, cooking and storytelling to feed their curiosity. Children learn socialization and communication skills in a fun, warm environment. Our flexible program allows you to select the days you wish to attend.

Parkside is licensed by the State of California (#21010755).

Please email or call (415) 258-4644 for more information.