Creek Flood Gauge

Creek Flood Gauge

Ross Valley Fire Department maintains a creek level monitoring system to track runoff in three major tributaries of Corte Madera Creek prone to flooding (San Anselmo, Sleepy Hollow, and Fairfax Creeks).  We post real-time data to our website for public viewing.The Creek level charts refresh every 15 minutes. 

This data is provided as a community service and is not intended to be used as a sole source of information regarding flood risk or hazard. 

One of the Creek flood gauges is located at the Bridge Street bridge and monitors the level of San Anselmo Creek. This is the location where the creek historically will overflow first in San Anselmo. Thirteen feet is the creek level at the bottom of the building at 730 San Anselmo Avenue.

This information should not substitute for common sense or disaster preparation. 

The Flood Gauges create digital graphs which can be viewed online: HERE 

The Creek level charts refresh every 15 minutes. 

This is an example of what the flood gauge might look like in the event of a flood.