Helpful Resources and Flood Horn

Helpful Resources

The Town has compiled these resources with information on how to prepare for potential disasters, including:

Flood Protection - information from the Ross Valley Watershed and Flood protection program
Winter Storm Preparedness - tips, terminology, additional resources and websites
Sandbags - the Town provides sandbags to San Anselmo residents and businesses + helpful instructions

The Town prepares and distributes storm event specific updates as needed with information about anticipated events such as heavy storms and potential flooding.  Make sure you are on the distribution list, by signing up for notifications and the Town Manager's Newsletter

Flood Horn

The Town has a flood horn located in the Town Hall tower. The horn is audible from areas subject to flooding. The horn is sounded when flooding is imminent. Town staff will sound the horn with 5 blasts, a pause, 5 blasts, a pause and 5 blasts. If you hear the flood horn, do not go to flood prone areas. Seek higher ground.