Financial Advisory Committee

The charge of the Financial Advisory Committee is to review and become familiar with the Town’s finances, budget, resource allocations and expenditures, and to make recommendations to the Town Council regarding matters affecting the Town’s financial position.

The Committee meets at least quarterly. There are two non-voting Town Council liaisons.


Quarterly, at a minimum

  1. Jeffery Zuba

    Finance & Administrative Services Director
    Phone: (415) 258-4678

Financial Advisory Committee

Stanley Radtke
March 2023
Forrest Pound
March 2022
Richard Berkson
March 2025
Marie Henrio - Chair
March 2023
Erik Selvig
March 2023
Alexis Fineman - Council Liaison
January 2024
Tarrell Kullaway - Council Liaison
January 2024

Meetings & Agendas


Information and Resources

Guidelines for Service
Financial Reports
During the August 27, 2020 Financial Advisory Committee meeting, the committee decided to provide additional information to the public in the form of a Frequently Asked Questions portal on the Town website.  A subcommittee was formed and assembled the questions and answers linked below to the committee for review.  These FAQs will continue to be updated as additional questions are submitted by the public.
Frequently Asked Questions