San Anselmo Tax Rebate Information


San Anselmo property owners who have a financial hardship may qualify for the tax rebate for a portion or all of San Anselmo’s Municipal Services (also called “General Purpose”), Pension Override, and Library Parcel taxes.
Property owners who satisfy any of the following criteria may be eligible:

  • Any household that is eligible for Public Assistance and/or Food Stamps from the Health and Human Services Department of the County of Marin
  • Any household whose total income (Line 9 on IRS Form 1040) is equivalent to or less than “very low income” for the number of persons in the household, as shown on the most current Federal Housing and Urban Development Income Limits for Marin County
  • Any household in which the principal wage earner or wage earners have been unemployed for at least 90 days prior to the application date

2023-2024 Filing Information 

The rebate program defines very low income based on the on the household size and total income in the table below. Rental property is not eligible to be considered for the rebate program.

Household SizeIncome 

The program is a rebate program, so property owners must first pay their taxes, then apply for a rebate in the spring of that year. Applications received are considered by the Town of San Anselmo's Tax Equity Board, usually in May.
The Town of San Anselmo’s Tax Equity Board reviews the applications, which must be filed by May 10, 2024. You can print an application form or request an application by mail. 

For more information or to be mailed an application form, please contact Jeff Zuba at 415-258-4678.

Please note: The Measure G Bonds (noted as "City Bonds" on your property tax bill) do not qualify for the tax rebate program. Rental property is not eligible to be considered for the rebate program.