Sales Tax Information

San Anselmo sales tax rate effective October 1, 2017 is 8.75%

Measure D

During the November 5, 2014 election, voters of the Town of San Anselmo approved a one-half percent retail transactions and use tax. The sales tax is expected to bring San Anselmo approximately $500,000 per year. The funds are to be used to repair potholes, repave roads, reduce traffic congestion, maintain and improve sidewalks/drainage/street medians, preserve public safety and improve other general Town services, facilities and infrastructure.

This tax applies only to San Anselmo addresses that are within Town limits. The following index lists the streets in San Anselmo that are subject to the sales tax:

Index of Streets in San Anselmo

For more information go to the Board of Equalization website or contact the BOE at (800) 400-7115.