Utility Projects

2018 Utility Projects

Ross Valley Sanitary District

Downtown, Saunders Ave, Redwood Rd, Nokomis, Madrone, Sir Francis Drake, Broadmoor, Meadowcroft & Various. 

Pacific Gas & Electric

Laurel Ave, Hillcrest Ave, Olive, Sequoia, Crescent, Spring Grove, Alder, Yolanda, & Center Blvd.

Marin Municipal Water District

Butterfield, Meadowcroft, & San Francisco Blvd.

2015 Utility Projects

2015 Street Rehabilitation Project

The Town is currently designing for the 2015 Pavement Rehabilitation project. The proposed project scope includes repaving the following streets: Ridge Road, Parkside Ct, Wood Ct, Magnolia Ave (Library to Cedar) and Sir Francis Drake (Madrone to Center Blvd). The scope is subject to change.

MMWD - Replacement of Watermain

Tamalpais Ave (Raymond to Mytrle)
Raymond Ave (Kemp to Tamalpais – including full pavement repair/moratorium requirement)
Magnolia Ave (Tamalpais to Cedar)

RVSD - Replacement and/or repair of Sewer System

FY 2015 Gravity Sewer Rehab Project Public Notification

Notice to Residents--Sir Francis Drake

Notice to Residents--Saunders Avenue

Notice to Residents--Scenic Avenue

PG&E - Natural Gas Distribution Line Replacement

Ridge Road
Parkside Ct
Wood Ct
Sir Francis Drake (Center Blvd to Spaulding St)


PG&E - Upgrade Natural Gas Distribution

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) will be upgrading a portion it's natural gas distribution system in San Anselmo serving Sunview Ave, Berkeley Ave, Oak Knoll Ave and Floribel Ave. This project will improve the safety and integrity of the pipelines that deliver natural gas directly to homes and businesses. Work is expected to start Monday, April 14th and last until mid-June, although weather and other factors affecting safe working conditions could change the schedule.
  • Oak Knoll Ave
  • Sunview Ave
  • Floribel (No.40 to No.101)
  • Berkeley (Sunview to Broadmoor)
Berkeley Ave and Sunview Ave - PG&E Community Notice
Oak Knoll Rd - PG&E Community Notice

PG&E and its contractor, PAR Electric, will begin work on March 17, 2014 to replace several utility poles and service conductors at various locations in Town. The locations and dates of work are as follows:
  • 804 San Anselmo Ave3/17/2014
  • 114 Sycamore Ave3/18/2014
  • 36 Ross Ave3/19/2014
  • 118 Sycamore Ave3/19/2014
  • 36 Ross Ave3/20/2014
  • 126 and 130 Sycamore Ave3/20/2014
  • 12 Tamalpais Ave3/21/2014

Town staff, in coordination with the Ross Valley Fire Department has reviewed and approved traffic control plans for the portion of work to be completed adjacent to Fire Station #19 on San Anselmo Ave. Work on Ross Ave, Tamalpais Ave, and San Anselmo Ave will not require lane closures. Work on Sycamore Ave requires closure of the westbound lane of Center Blvd (9:00 am to 3:00 pm). PG&E contractor, PAR Electric, will install temporary message signs to inform the public to expect delays on specified days of work.


  • Greenfield Ave (Spring Grove to Sequoia)
  • Bridge Ave
  • Sunview Ave


2014 Fiscal Year Gravity Sewer Rehabilitation Project

  • Sir Francis Drake (Pastori Ave to Kent Ave)
  • Monterey Terr
  • East Court to Fairview Court (easement)
  • Scenic Ave
  • Crescent Rd
  • Roger Ave
  • Greenfield Ave (Greenfield Ave to Terrace Ave)
  • Public Notification