Resident Overnight Parking

The Town has an ordinance which prohibits overnight parking on any San Anselmo street between the hours of 2:00am- 6:00am, unless a valid, current overnight (hardship) street parking permit has been issued and is affixed to the vehicle. For more information about the Town ordinance, click on this link: (SA Municipal Code 3-5.1207). 

The Hardship Parking Permit application for resident overnight street parking has the rules and information for applying through the Central Marin Police Authority (CMPA).

Visitor Overnight Parking

Overnight parking permits are issued by the Central Marin Police Authority, at the San Anselmo station, located at 525 San Anselmo Avenue. Visit the Central Marin Police Overnight parking page for more information.

Parking enforcement is managed by the Central Marin Police Authority

Merchant Parking

The Town and Central Marin Police Authority (CMPA) recognize the challenges limited parking can bring within the downtown and would like to remind merchants/restaurants and their employees not to park on San Anselmo Avenue, in public lots, or in 2-hour parking zones during regular business hours to keep those spots available for customers.

The Town's Merchant Parking Permit Program is available to local business owners and their employees as a solution.

Detail about the program can be found on the Merchant Parking Permit Application.


Parking is available on downtown streets for two and four hour periods, as marked.

There are three downtown parking lots; the meter fee is 60 cents per hour:

Creek Park Parking Lot

Magnolia Ave Parking Lot

Pine St Parking Lot

Additionally, parking is available at Town Hall Parking Lot (next to Magnolia Parking Lot) 5 pm to 6 am and on weekends.

EV charging is currently available at Magnolia Parking Lot.

Parking Study:

Concerns about parking or the lack of parking have been ongoing in downtown San Anselmo for some
time. Therefore, staff has completed a parking study to determine what the issues are, if any. Is there a
lack of parking or does it need to be better managed and available parking made more apparent to
downtown shoppers and residents alike.

At the October 10, 2023 Town Council Meeting Town Staff presented the findings of the Downtown Parking Study. To find that Town Council Meeting visit the Town Meetings and Agendas page

You can zoom in on the parking map to see parking lots and convenient street parking. A simplified parking diagram is available for viewing/printing here (click me).

Below you can scroll through our parking lot locations.

San Anselmo Parking Lots

Creek Park Parking Lot (access through Sir Francis Drake Blvd)


Magnolia Parking Lot (just off of San Anselmo Ave by Town Hall)


Pine St Parking Lot (access through San Anselmo Ave)