LID12.5.16 1

The Town was awarded the grant from the California Regional Water Quality Control Board for the design and construction of three low-impact development (LID) demonstration projects.  With the States implementation of the Stormwater Phase 2 Permit over the next 10 years, grants were being awarded to help communities with the costly transition to filter and keep stormwater clean that was entering our creeks, streams, rivers and oceans.  The grant provides $31,092 for design and $515,425 for construction.  These projects are:

  • Reconstruction of the Magnolia Parking Lot (See plans)
  • The Greenfield Parklet on Greenfield Avenue at Lincoln Park (See plans)
  • The Green Waste Pad at the Corporation Yard at 550 San Francisco Boulevard (See plans)

Originally, the project also included the resurfacing of Magnolia Avenue between the parking lot and San Anselmo Avenue, intersection improvements at San Anselmo Avenue/Magnolia Avenue including a new crosswalk, and the resurfacing of Kientz Lane (adjacent to the Magnolia Parking Lot).  These improvements are not covered by the grant funding, and were removed from the bid packages when the projects were rebid in October 2017.  They will be completed separately using private funds, Measure D and the Road Maintenance funds.