Step 1: Find A Place For Your Business

Step 1: Find a Place for Your Business

First, see if your business is allowed where you want to locate it. The Town has several zoning districts and various types of commercial and business activities are either permitted, allowed with a Conditional Use Permit, or prohibited in each district. Please feel free to email or call the Planning Department to ask if your business may be permitted at a particular location.

Zoning by Parcel 
Land Use Regulations Table 3A
The Land Use Table lists uses and indicates whether or not each use is permitted “P”, conditionally permitted “C”, or not permitted “-” in each Zoning District. Uses not specifically listed in the Table are prohibited unless the Planning Director can find the use similar to another permitted or conditionally permitted use. Contact the Planning Director if you do not see your proposed use on the Land Use Regulations Table.

If the site is in a Preliminary Planned Development (PPD) or Specific Planned Development (SPD) District, special regulations will apply to the particular site and you should contact us for more information.