Step 3: Consider Water Limits

Water Entitlements

It is important to find out if your proposed location has been allocated adequate water for your business, or you may have a water bill that is much higher than you expect. Just because there is an existing business similar to yours does not mean there will be an adequate water entitlement for your business. The Town has water service through the Marin Municipal Water District (MMWD). 

Any business that relies on water (coffee shop, restaurant, gym) should be particularly careful. Before buying property or entering into a lease, it is extremely important to know if the entitlement for a site will be adequate to meet the water needs of your business. Every commercial water service connection has a water entitlement, which is the maximum amount of water the district is committed to supply to that business on an annual basis. The water bill for a commercial account is directly related to the entitlement level. Water entitlements for each commercial water meter may vary dramatically, regardless of the type of business located at that site.

To obtain water entitlement information for your proposed location, please call MMWD’s Water Conservation Department at (415) 945-1520, visit their website, or follow these links:

About Water Entitlements

Water Rates for Non-Residential (Business) Customers

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