Conditional Use Permit

If your proposed business is "conditionally permitted" in the zoning district, a use permit application is required. The Conditional Use Permit process allows the Town to review certain uses to ensure they are compatible with surrounding land uses and impose conditions, if necessary, to minimize potential impacts.

The Planning Director may approve a use permit for minor accessory uses, such as outdoor display of merchandise or furniture. All other use permit applications are considered at a public hearing before the Planning Commission.

Conditional Use Permits run with the land. So, if you find a site where a use permit has already been approved for your use, you may operate under the terms of that use permit. If you would like to change any conditions of the permit, an amendment to the Conditional Use Permit is required.

Please note: if you propose a business in the Limited Commercial (C-L) District, you must demonstrate, using the current edition of Trip Generation (Institute of Transporation engineers) that the use will not generate traffic at a rate greater than: 1.) 50 vehicle trip ends for each 1,000 gross square feet of gross leasable building area, or 2.) The existing number of trips during the a.m. and p.m. peak hours.

Cost and Application Forms

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6-8 Weeks