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Memorial Park has been a much-loved part of San Anselmo for 92 years!
More information about the history of Memorial Park

Over those years, the park has not received any significant renovations. The playing fields, the playgrounds and the tennis courts are all in dire need of attention. The park, in its current condition, has repair needs that total over $8 million.

With this in mind, the Town Council is introducing an important project that will ideally involve everyone in town, the Memorial Park Master Plan project. Conducting a master plan for the park will allow for community input as to what changes might be wanted or needed, and what parts of the park will remain but be repaired. The park has never been through a master planning process, and considering all of the current needs at the park, planning for the future makes sense.
The master plan will:
  • Be informed by comprehensive public input through a variety of outreach efforts
  • Upgrade amenities based on community desires
  • Address key infrastructure issues
  • Honor the history of the park—cultural and ecological
The Master Plan process has two main phases.

Phase One

, took place during the fall of 2016, and involved gathering community input related to current or future uses at the park. This included a series public meetings that address the overall park along with a series of meetings that seek to gather detailed information related to specific uses.

Phase Two

began in the winter of 2017 and carried through the spring of 2018, and involved a review of proposed conceptual plans. The architects, after collecting and analyzing all of the public input, created a plan that meets as many of the expressed needs as possible.

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Through a new master plan, Memorial Park can be restored, preserved and enhanced for the enjoyment of all for generations to come. We hope that you will get involved! If you have any questions or if you would like to help as a volunteer, pleases email Assistant Town Manager David Donery at

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