MPMP Community Advisory Board (CAB)

A Community Driven Process

Memorial Park Master Plan Project

Community Advisory Board (CAB)

The Community Advisory Board acts as the Memorial Park Master Plan project steering committee, with members representing a broad cross-section of the community. The purpose of the CAB is to help guide the project at every step, providing oversight and acting as a project sounding board as well as community ambassadors for the project.

In addition to providing input and guidance, a key role for the committee members will be to be active leaders in community meetings.

Community Advisory Board

Kay Coleman (Town Council)
John Wright (Town Council)
Steve Burdo (Parks & Recreation Commission)
Rod Kerr (Parks & Recreation Commission)
Kim Pipkin (Planning Commission)
Nancy Vernon (Supervisor Katie Rice's office)
Nancy Altman
Matt Brasler
Erin Chamberlin
Brian Colbert
Dermot Corr
Rich Friedman
Lisa Graham
Kathleen Holtzer
Kelly Krill

August 25, 2016 Meeting Agenda
August 25, 2016 Powerpoint Presentation
December 7, 2016 Meeting Agenda
February 16, 2017 Meeting Agenda
May 30, 2017 Meeting Agenda
December 21, 2017 Meeting Agenda