Red Hill Trees

Red Hill Tree Removal FAQs

A number of the beautiful Elm trees on Red Hill Avenue are scheduled for removal.

Why are the Elm trees being removed on Red Hill Avenue?

8 of the large Elm trees have been marked with blue ribbons for removal because they have Dutch Elm disease, beetle infestation, and rot. The trees pose a threat to public safety and will be removed.

When will the trees be removed?

The trees are scheduled for removal from Monday to Wednesday, 11/21-11/23.

Is there a plan in place to replace the trees?

The Town is working on a Median Master Plan to identify new trees, landscaping, irrigation, etc. so the trees will be replaced. This will be a community process that will take about a year.

Is there funding to replace the trees?

The Median Master Plan will allow the Town to apply for grants and give information to potential private donors.

How can you help?

Residents have asked if they can donate to replace the trees so the Town has set up a fund that will go towards new trees and landscaping. If you would like to donate, please send checks to the Town of San Anselmo with a note on the check that you would like it to be earmarked for the Redhill Median.

Median Master Plan Staff Report