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FAQ - 1 FAQ - 1
What is the impact of COVID-19 on the Town's budget and services?
FAQ - 2 FAQ - 2
Why can't the Town afford to provide a higher level of service, considering the wealth of the community and high home prices?
FAQ - 3 FAQ - 3
How much of the Town’s budget goes towards pensions, and what are the potential future impacts on the budget and services from growing pension obligations?
FAQ - 4 FAQ - 4
Measure M failed in November 2019, so what is next to finance some sort of renovation of Memorial Park? Is there any money available in our current budget?
FAQ - 5 FAQ - 5
Why does the Town not have its own police department? Are other services shared (or could be shared)?
FAQ - 6 FAQ - 6
How much is spent on maintaining roads every year, and who pays for it?